Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Safely home, alive and well, with a certain amount to report --  I started a Stephen West shawl, for instance.

But my husband has a routine diabetic appt this morning at what constitutes for us the crack of dawn. Blogging will have to wait another day.

Have a look at the comments on Thursday's post. Something is going to have to be done about spam -- I'm not sure what.


  1. You could tick the box in settings that says "allow anonymous comments - NO". It made a huge difference to my spam count

  2. I wonder if the large volume of spam is related to your "headline" - This is blog post no 2499 ?

  3. That's a crazy amount of spam. Wow.

  4. Gerri2:03 PM

    I'd say go with not allowing anonymous comments. I know I mentioned this earlier but you don't need a website, URl, blog or ANY affiliation to use the profile "Name/URL". It's what I've used since the first comment I ever made here and on other blogs.

    I type in my name as I want it to appear and skip the URL box. My name appears in the "comment as" box with "()" after it.

    1. =Tamar11:06 PM

      I agree - I've always used "Name/URL."

  5. Sarah2:20 PM

    I enjoy your posts and look forward to them everyday!
    Since I do not have a blog, I cannot offer any suggestions about the spam, but am sorry you have to contend with it!

  6. I do so enjoy your posts...I had my diabetic check this morning and was really surprised that I had lost 3 pounds and A1C was still in range that Dr wants which is no higher than 7 and well below that if possible. I also do so love your knitting. I follow a few knitters blogs and started a knitting class yesterday morning. I have been able to knit scarves with simple stitch and large needles and chunky yarn for several years but was never taught the stitches and terms to do anything else. I want to be able to do a funnel necked sweater and socks and tams and cowel scarves....so it's onward and upward positive thinking! Hope your husband has a good report!