Thursday, June 06, 2013

My husband spent yesterday in his dressing gown, eating sloppy food. But he’s getting better.

Here’s a picture of Relax2 at its morning measuring session. You get some impression of the wonderful drape of the fabric. You can also see the ironing-board cover peeping through some of the eyelets. I’ve got to wind a third skein today: that feels like progress. (Relax1 used less than four.)

I’ve bought the Daybreak pattern – my first Stephen West, I think. I’m trying to print it as we speak – I always print downloaded patterns right away; otherwise they could languish forever in the bowels of the computer. The instructions for M1R and M1L come right at the beginning, and are admirably lucid, just as you say, Beverly in Yosemite.

Another place where I can use them, and soon, is in a Fleegle-Strong heel for the current Pakokku sock.


It sounds from the weather forecast this morning as though the only part of the entire United Kingdom where you can’t put your chilli plants out on the doorstep today, is Eastern Scotland. We shall see.

I was in Waitrose yesterday, where they are still selling chillis, and I thot, what the hell? this is Waitrose, and went to the Customer Services desk and asked what variety of chilli it was. The plants were within sight – the man went and looked at the label, a sensible first step. (“It’s clearly labelled capsicum frutescens aureo-variegatum, you silly old fool.” I wonder how he would have phrased it if that had been the case?) Then he plunged deeper into Fruit&Vegetables to see if anyone knew, and then came back and told me that he would email head office. So maybe I’ll find out when I go next week.


“webinar”: Alexander said once, a propos of formations like “blogathon”, that one day soon we would hear of a “long-distance runathon”. (So far, it hasn’t happened, and I innocently believe that the length of the modern race roughly corresponds to the distance between the eponymous battlefield and the centre of Athens. But the point was well made.)

Southern Gal, thank you for your enthusiasm about Evernote. Perhaps I had even better get “…for Dummies” out again and zero in on this.

Spam continues to plague me, as many will have noticed. I’ve set Blogger to submit everything for moderation if it attaches to a post older than a week. I get a couple of dozen of those a day, all junk. But increasingly, of late, the bad guys try to muscle in on today’s or yesterday’s post. Blogger’s own filter eliminates some, but a lot get through. I hope I’m catching them all. In the old days, there used to appear a little note to the effect that “This comment has been removed by a blog administrator”, which made me feel very grown-up, but now they just disappear.


  1. Long distance runathon - I hope not. That reminded me for some reason that I had a nun in school who hated the 'verbing of nouns' and had us write an essay where we made up a certain number of them as a cautionary tale. She'd be rolling in her grave at the rate it has increased.

  2. For the M1 increase for the Strong Heel, I used a simple yarn over the last time. I liked the ease as well as the little row of eyelets.

  3. the greatest thing about Evernote in my mind is that i can throw anything i want into it - things i need to remember, articles, receipts, recipes, etc.

    it has become my digital filing cabinet and inbox. i can not praise it enough.

    also, there are a world of apps that work with evernote - you can find them on the evernote web site.

  4. I wonder if you are also afflicted by the variety of spam which infiltrates one's Stats page? This appears to boost the pageview figure massively, but the aim is to get you to click on their sites. Some of these are hair-raisingly pornographic while some just offer weight-loss programmes. Google apparently disclaim all responsibility for this type of spam and it cannot be removed.

  5. Thanks for the photos of the sweater on the ironing board. It shows the fabric very well.

  6. Anonymous2:34 AM

    The Relax2 colours are really elegant and charming.
    Looking forward to further progress photos.