Monday, July 22, 2013

All set, I guess.

I phoned Helen. She was on a motorway, she said, between Rheims and Calais. Her plan is to spend tonight – and maybe last night? – with her husband’s mother in Cheshire, introducing the boys to a new baby cousin, and then come on to Strathardle tomorrow. Where we will be.

Rain is forecast – it is much needed.

I’m within hailing distance of the toe of the 1st Pakokku sock. I think I’m going to take along not only it, but another skein of Pakokku in case I finish these socks. I need to get back to Relax2, but I also need soothing.

My husband has a hospital appt on the 1st of August, so we’ll be back for a couple of days next week to accommodate that and draw breath. See you then.


  1. Safe travels and relaxing!

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Enjoy the time away! We look forward to your reports and photos when you have time to post them.

  3. Safe travels and enjoy the time with your family. I will miss your daily updates but will look forward to your return to daily blogging.

  4. Syd Tupaj2:01 PM

    Have a safe happy trip.

    Wanted to thank you for mentioning Into the Wirled sock yarn, went to look and fell in love with her spinning fiber! Yummy stuff...awaiting shipment now.

  5. Have a restful time! Hope everyone else does the work and lets you sit and knit!

  6. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Jean, we've been coming and going: Edinburgh, Shetland, den Haag, NH, Michigan, NH.... and I have lost track..... what is your games entry this year? (I've been following since before Sam the Ram, but I'm totally lost for the 2013 Games! (We are packing for a trip to Alaska, leaving tomorrow and a brother I have not seen in 5 years will be here tonight... that is MY excuse!)

    Barbara M in BN

    Barbra M. in NH

  7. Alas, Barbara, no Games this year (for us). I have a big birthday coming up in mid-August. Everybody -- and I really mean everybody -- is going to be here for that. The knitting was pretty dull anyway -- a cushion cover, not my style, or a simple baby pattern, supplied, the result to be donated for babies in Africa. I suppose I would have done that.

    Have a great trip!

  8. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Have a great time with your loved ones. I really like the Mind the Gap socks and want to thank you again for pointing me towards the Pakokku sock yarn. the Loopy Ewe staff and I had a most amusing time trying to find it until someone suggested we check your blog. Gorgeous yarn and I look forward to knitting socks from it. Take care - Joe-in Wyoming.