Friday, July 12, 2013

Time for a bit of knitting.

I reached the heel flap of the 2nd Mind the Gap sock, and hope to whiz around it this evening. Well on target to give the socks to Lizzie when I see her next month, for her to take to Kansas not much later.

There may then be time to finish the Pakokku socks for my sister, whom I’ll also see. But there are slips twixt cup and lip.

I had sort of hoped at one stage, to have Relax2 ready to go in mid-August for this birthday business. That’s less likely.

Jared has published a Men’s Collection as you probably know. His Look Books are wonderfully orchestrated. The passing of the summer solstice reminds one uncomfortably of Christmas and death – but there are consolations. Crisp September days, and winter knitting. They’re on their way. It is certainly a time of year when one gets a bit of a second wind. It is wise of the Jews, I always feel, to locate the New Year there.

And I found this – Ochos Locos, Crazy Eights – in Zite this morning, and have bought and printed. (That’s a Raverly link.)  Easy! Fun! Malabrigo! It will certainly appear on my Christmas list this year.

I have begun to realize that if I want to have a look at Be Inspired Fabrics, as I certainly do, I’m going to have to make an effort. We get about less and less these days, as feebleness increases. The endless need for meals at times inconvenient for the rest of the world, and for a nap in the afternoon, means that there are no substantial gaps in the day. My husband doesn’t mind being left with a sandwich lunch, however – I think I’d better do that, one day next week before the avalanche begins to descend.

I will certainly report on it when I get there, as on Allingham’s non-fiction about life in Essex in ’40-’41. I’m greatly looking forward to that. Another book from the same moment – and oh! what a treat if you haven’t read this one, but I’m sure you all have – is Evelyn Waugh’s “Put Out More Flags”. It was published in ’42,  I think, but written in those very dark days between Dunkirk and Pearl Harbor. It is surely his happiest book, and perhaps the funniest. [“That’s wonderful, darling,” she said, her heart sinking.]

I read something recently – Zite, again, I think – about what “craft blogs” need to do to be successful. I am sure there is no hope for me – we are stuck with each other, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers. One of the recommendations, however, was Lists and that reminded me of my favourite of all time, Franklin’s list of Stasher Movies.


  1. Ooh - lots of inspiration from you today, Jean! Surely that is what makes a truly "successful" blog - happy readers! :)

  2. I agree with Roobeedoo!
    And oh yes, "Put out more flags", sitting in the glasshouse because it's the only warm place and trying to get rid of those awful evacuees, it's such a funny book. I couldn't get on with it on paper, but loved the audiobook, funny how these things go?

  3. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Jean...what do you mean..'no hope for you', I have been following your blog since Dec 12, and never miss a morning update, look forward to it with my morning coffee when the kids are in school, and I have even been inspired to knit and complete socks, which I never considered before. Now to get some of those books you have been mentioning these past few day. Now that's a successful blog if ever there was one. Eileen, Wexford.

  4. I agree with the others. You have a blog that is mentioned by some of the bigger ones. You have a loyal following that is growing. People stay with you because they like your "voice", your regular posting, the topics you touch on as well as your knitting. The only reason people talk about growing their blog audience is so they can monetise it! And I don't think you are interested in that, so continue as you are, a much loved island in the blogging world!
    A great admirer.
    Dawn in NL

  5. Anonymous12:26 PM

    And here's another vote for Jean! I, too, have been reading since about December, but I'm also working my way through the archives, and am on June 2005... (Can't wait to see what happens with the Eye Man, and am enjoying watching the baby grandson grow!)
    I believe you can thank Franklin for sending me your way.
    Becky in VT

  6. Yours is so much more than a craft blog Jean. Tea with Jean is my first visit in the morning, as it has been since about 2007. (Can that be?) And I look forward to hearing about Allingham's book. You introduced me to Tiger in the Smoke and Put Out More Flags among others. I love having friends who read and knit.

  7. Your blog is inspirational, educational, and entertaining. More than enough for me.
    Ron in Mexico

  8. Beverly near Yosemite6:33 PM

    Another vote - I have enjoyed your blog for years without ever "joining" as a follower, as I'm not sure how to do it.

    And thank you SO MUCH for the Zite reference. Last week I got a mini-iPad and it is the first app I added. It also gave me the opportunity to tell my tech savvy 30-year-old son about something new he might like for his iPad!!

  9. must order the allingham ... if i can find it over here.

    i agree with all above posters (and any who espouse a similar view below).

    reading your post is like visiting a loved aunt with whom you share interests - i love hearing about the country house and the chilis and the family and the knitting and all the other Important Events.

    if i though my posts would be half as interesting as yours i would do the same ..for your style is the kind that is most pleasant to read.

    onward for your loyal group of fans!

  10. I don't know what the article was suggesting a successful craft blog is, but it seems to me that having a large and faithful following of readers who start their day by sitting down with a cup of tea and reading your latest post should certainly qualify. You are my favourite blogger. By far. :-)

  11. Jean, ditto to everything said in the above comments.

    And, based on your discussion awhile back, I ordered used copies of the Cazalets series and read through them at an astonishing rate. The books are now making the rounds with my knitting group. Thanks for the discussions of authors and books - my reading list happily gets longer and longer.