Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mind the Gap

You’re absolutely right, MrsAlex, that stripe was dark blue. I should have seen it, at least in the morning when I was taking the picture.

I’m not quite sure what we’ll be doing today. The sky is grey, the forecast for later in the week is much better, my husband wasn’t entirely well yesterday, the calendar is clear. Maybe we should stay here and potter about. I’m tired, but I’m always tired these days. I went with our niece on a five-mile walk in February, just before Lent – the day the Pope announced that he was going to retire. Could I do it now?

Both knitting and tennis went well yesterday. Murray won in straight sets again, but putting it like that belies the tension of the second set, when things went badly awry during un mauvais quart d'heure as the sock hung inertly from my hand. Later on Djokovic had a bit of a second set of his own – he actually lost a service game – but not as bad as Murray’s.

(What will they do at Wimbledon today? Everybody you ever heard of has either been eliminated, or played yesterday – or both.)

But in the evening I finished the leg, knit the heel flap, and started turning the heel. We’re going for the plain vanilla internalised heel pattern this time. When I explained to my husband why I had a London A-Z with the tube map on the back cover, lying on the table in front of me, he asked whether anybody was going to understand. But I explained that the socks were for Lizzie to wear in Denver, and he was happy with the answer.

I’d rather be here, not Strathardle, on Sunday, for the men’s final. But I ought to be able to get it on my iPad if I put my mind to it. When we were all at Alexander and Ketki’s house at Easter, we watched the Boat Race on our iPads, since (as in Strathardle) there is no television there. That most boring of sporting events which has such a hold on Londoners and on my husband. I can’t find a picture of us doing it, no doubt because we were all so intent on the breathless excitement of it that nobody was free to hold a camera, but here is the table on which iPads were shortly afterwards deployed:

I think I remarked here once that it is impossible to take a picture of happiness, but that one comes pretty close. I think that's probably me, totally obscured by Thomas the Elder, sitting between Ketki in her pink gansey and Hellie's boyfriend Matt. I always like to sit next to Matt if it can be arranged.

(Television signals are perfectly available in Strathardle and on the shore of Loch Fyne. The eschewing of them is a Miles family eccentricity.)

Thank you for your help on replacements for Google Reader. I did nothing about it yesterday, but if – as I increasingly think would be a good idea – we stay here quietly today, I’ll get to work.


  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Dear Jean,
    I just finished a book you might like to read before you go to Shetland in the autumn. It is called "Between Weathers, TRavels in 21st Century Shetland" and was written by Ron McMillan. It is available in the US from Amazon and I got the Kindle edition and read it on my iPad. I wish I had found it before my Shetland trip, but reading it at home brought back some lovely memories and gave me many ideas of places to go on my next trip.

    Barbara M. In NH

    1. This is a great book, Barbara! Annie from Knitsofacto, who is going to Shetland with us, had recommended it. I am really enjoying it, and it has been a good reminder that I need to pack clothes for all kinds of weather!