Sunday, May 04, 2014

I am afraid Manchester City won yesterday. We are not doing very well with our project of ensuring that Liverpool win the league. Today Chelsea play Norwich City (that's Delia Smith's team, I think); a freak victory for the latter would be welcome. Tomorrow Liverpool play Crystal Palace, and must win.

Yesterday was not very productive, knitting-wise. I have made a good start, however, on round 75 of the Unst Bridal Shawl border. My husband has abandoned his computer and taken to prowling about the house on a fault-finding mission, for which there is much scope. Then I must put things right.


A book called “Counting Sheep” was reviewed in the Scotsman yesterday. I ordered it at once, and will report further in due course. It is a history of British sheep, written by “a former sheep farmer and barrister” – a promising start. Nowhere else in the world has anything like the number of native breeds – 64 – in such a relatively small area, we are told.

I went past my LYS on yesterday's shopping expedition. The bunting was out for Yarn Store Day, and posters promised a visit from Ysolda Teague for the afternoon. I didn't trust myself to go in. 
Nana Go Go – I got your comment in my email in-box. Why doesn't it appear on the blog? At any rate, Kathy's Knits is the LYS in question. I linked to it yesterday, but left the name out of my text. It is an excellent shop, specialising in British wool. I wish for her sake that her premisses were at street level (instead of in a semi-basement) so that I could be tempted by the window display. For my sake, it's probably just as well this way.

You may have noticed that I have taken the blog-list in my sidebar in hand at last. Foggy Knitter is particularly good on books you may not have thought of, to read. (And I see I've got the links wrong, in the list, for her and the other newbies. I'll have to fix that.) And on that topic, I have embarked on Akhil Sharma's “Family Life” – a bit of which appeared in the New Yorker as a short story – and it's terrific.

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