Friday, May 23, 2014


No more courgettes. It looks as if five-out-of-eight is to be my ration. Greek Helen sent me a picture of her courgettes. She's well ahead. That looks like an earthenware pot.

My husband voted successfully yesterday, while I waited outside on a double yellow line. There was something very touching about watching people detach themselves from the city centre crowd and follow him in with their poll cards in their hands. Judith, that is a good idea about registering for a postal vote. At the moment, there is much to be said for making the effort to get out. We no longer go for walks. “Out” is only for doctors and religion. Politics make a pleasant change.

And you're quite right, Knitlass, UKIP is worse than preposterous. I don't think I have ever felt so fed up with politicians, on both sides of the sea. Like Yeats: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst/ Are full of passionate intensity.”

LisaRR, white currants are a sport (I think) of red currents, and taste very similar. We have a couple of bushes in Strathardle, cuttings from my (now dead) sister-in-law. The birds largely leave them alone and go for redness. I have made summer pudding with them. I don't think it is quite as good – but maybe, like the birds, I am just  beguiled by colour.


Not much yesterday, but I am well into round 104 of the borders of the Unst Bridal Shawl and the new tree-of-life motifs have been established without mishap.

The new IK turned up yesterday. I like the Nautilus Hat – someone might get that for Christmas. I love Shirley Paden's travelling stitch jacket, but am sure I will never tackle it. And the main business of this issue – knitting socks from the sole upwards – sounds very interesting. I feel I ought to try, after my recent sock-knitting binge. Does it work, fit-wise? Is it intolerably fiddly to execute?


Archie phoned last night, disappointed that we planned to go to Strathardle as soon as he can get here from school tomorrow. I have decided that he's right – we'd be better, on a number of counts, to stay here tomorrow night and go on Sunday. His mother Helen will arrive that evening. That still gives us two complete dawn-to-dusk days up there. That should be plenty.   


  1. UKIP did alarmingly well in England's council elections I believe

  2. I am glad to hear you got out for voting, and a bit sad to hear that your walks aren't happening. I hope you have good weather for traveling. A visit with Archie will mean a happy weekend no matter the weather, I'm sure!

  3. The Yeats quote is one that had slipped my mind, but it sadly too fitting all over. I do hope you can continue walking with your niece and other family, even though your husband cannot. So good for the spirit. Best wishes for a lovely weekend.

  4. Politics: it's so dire now I'm just grateful this morning that we (US, for me) don't have military coups. No UK citizenship for you then?