Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm half-way around round 92 of the borders of the Unst Bridal Shawl. I have attempted a photograph – it's increasingly difficult to get anything vaguely meaningful because of the bowl-like shape imposed by the centre-outwards orientation. And increasingly dangerous: even this well-behaved yarn could decide to push the point protectors aside and make a dash for freedom.

So I probably won't attempt another until I start knitting the edging on and thereby releasing the shawl. That will be fun.


Notice, please, that the Socklady herself left a comment here yesterday. I am absolutely sure she is right that if you do want to knit gloves, 4" needles are the only way to go.

Zite came up with this, this morning, a book called “Royal Knits” on a site called (I am afraid) “Awful Library Books”. The text claims that it dates from the 80's, vintage Charles-and-Diana. It seems to be undated – I sped off to Abebooks and bought it for my oddities shelf; the seller's description didn't include a date. Some of the items illustrated are really very witty.

I thought this sort of thing was a recent phenomenon – Knit Your Own Royal Wedding for William and Kate, and so forth. So this book is interesting historically, too, as well as for wit.


Amazon keeps a best-sellers list, updated hourly. Eeny Meeny was 49 among the hundred-top-Kindle-titles yesterday, now 40. It's 17 on Books>fiction>contemporary fiction. I've finished reading it – it keeps up the pace and the surprises to the end – and have returned rather gratefully to Mr. Sharma's “Family Life”.

The author's fictionalised teenaged self speaking: “Normally when I did things that appeared difficult, like connecting a VCR with the TV, I didn't read the instructions, for I was afraid of failure, and reading the directions only made me more anxious that I would fail.”

That's my current relationship with the signal-booster, precisely. I haven't attempted it yet.


  1. KarenE9:30 AM

    My family takes the view that reading the instructions is only done AFTER trying the obvious and it not working... Might be worth a try?

  2. Royal knits is as amusing as you think, however the slippers are corgis not deer! I'm afraid I sold mine on some years ago having never knitted from it.

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Shawl is looking so gorgeous! What an heirloom!

    Beverly in NJ

  4. Bought a copy of "Eeny Meeny" on my Kindle - you're right: it is strong stuff. Did you notice the character called Hellie?