Sunday, May 11, 2014

I do dislike Sunday mornings on Radio 4, and the fare was unusually depressing today.

We had a successful trip to B&Q yesterday, achieved our goal and I got my peas – Tom Thumb, “ideal for container growing”. Such are the achievements and excitements of old age. I hope I'll get the peas in today. At some point I'll post a picture of the tout ensemble on the doorstep, but that had better wait until something comes up.

Dear Liz – comment yesterday – would you have room for a chilli plant next to the parsley on your windowsill? It would produce a gratifying crop, which freezes well.


I'm now 3/4's of the way around round 86 of the borders of the Unst Bridal Shawl. It seems to go faster, now that the motifs have been established, although there are still an awful lot of stitches. I suppose the next big excitement, landmark-wise, will be the 100th round. It comes just at the top of the current set of motifs. There are 136 rounds, in all. Still a long way to go.

More non-knit

Greek Helen gave my husband a beautiful Greek sheep bell for Christmas. She has at last, after a titanic struggle, succeeded in posting this on YouTube. Will it work?

Tomorrow a BT engineer is coming to upgrade our download speed. I'm sort of sorry I signed up for this. If you don't hear from me, it's because I'm tangled up in technology.


  1. Charming video and a beautiful melody. Very peaceful. Many beautiful future sweaters in that crowd.
    Ron in Mexico

  2. I love the video. It brought back a wonderful memory of our trip to Greece. We were in Delphi, sitting on the tiny balcony of our b and b and hear what we thought was water. I got louder and louder and we saw goats with those bells on walking home. Sweet. And had out first asparagus for dinner last night. Heavenly.

  3. Lovely video; I might try to put it on continuous loop for those nights when I can't sleep. Giving new meaning to counting sheep.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Jean, I'll certainly think about some chillies. It would be way easier than moving!