Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nearly there. Google assures me that Someone Up There will throw the switch at 11:03 p.m. tomorrow night.

I had a nice time at the hairdresser's, and now look tidier. When I first started having Charles cut my hair, 5 ½ years ago for Theo and Jenni's wedding, I asked him to aim at Hillary Clinton. She seems to have given up on hair – she'll have to do something about it if she really wants to stand for president – so now we aim at Theresa May (British Home Secretary).

Knitting continues peacefully. Five more days will get me to the Messy Corner of the Unst Bridal Shawl. After that I will have to count stitches with care, and almost certainly do some fudging, to make things come out even for the final graft, when I reach the point where I started.

Yesterday's explanation of the hole between edging and shawl, won't work. If I had merely failed to grab a stitch from the edging on an inward row, the result would be a slight pucker, not a hole. It looks as if a stitch has been skipped on the shawl side, all right, corresponding to an unattached row on the edging side. But the hole seems secure. That's impossible. I had better double check.

Kate Davies' hat pattern Epistropheid is now available from her Ravelry store. It looks glorious fun to knit – no pompom, thanks, for me – and I'd like to make the acquaintance of the Toft Ulysses yarn she uses. It's got some Blueface Leicester in it, a lovely, silky yarn. But it's expensive, and you'd obviously have to buy two. Maybe someone will do a kit.

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  1. Once I finish the christmas socks - one more pair in worsted- I aim for some two-color work. It is so much fun to do.