Tuesday, December 02, 2014

This is cleaning-woman-morning, and I am distracted (she's wonderful, it's not her fault). I'll do my best.

Lisa, industrious and inquisitive, has found the knitter of that wonderful red Rams & Yowes. And of the “Marius sweater” – is that what the chap is wearing? Ravelry links; I haven't checked them yet, but I have great faith in Lisa. When I first saw the red Rams&Yowes yesterday, I thought for an instant that it was a Turkish carpet.

Yesterday's big news on the knitting front is that Kate Davies' book “Yokes” arrived. It's terrific, as expected. I am greatly enjoying the essays at the beginning, especially the one about Greenland. KD is a professional historian, and it shows. The text explains – although the actual photograph isn't included; why not? – the remarkable picture on p. 63 of Vibeke Lind's indispensable “Knitting in the Nordic Tradition”, of the Danish Royal family in their Greenlandic sweaters.

There's an interview with the Icelandic designer Helene Magnusson (and another with Meg). That one sent me back to my shelves, and I've straightened something out. I recently bought Magnusson's “Icelandic Knitting Using Rose Patterns” (on KD's recommendation, in her blog). I liked the historical research into slipper insets, didn't care for the sweater patterns – as I've already said here. It turns out I also own “Icelandic Handknits” by the same author – much better. It explains KD's enthusiasm. She says in “Yokes” that there's another, “Icelandic Colour Knitting” (2006). I can't find that on Amazon or Abebooks.

I think I'll have more to say about this book – “Yokes”, I mean. Which pattern to add to the HALFPINT list?

As for real-life knitting, I got around that third corner with the edging of the Unst Bridal Shawl. Without mishap. So now it's down the straight to the Messy Corner, and then a bit more on the first side. Sharon Miller said to start at the midway point. I don't think I did that – I must look, today – but I started far enough along that there will be time for some foot-shuffling, if need be, to make the beginning and the end come out even for final grafting.

I'm not afraid of the blocking (except for the considerable problem of, where to do it?). I did the Princess just after I got back to Edinburgh from Theo and Jenni's wedding in '09. My husband stayed on in London for another day. I moved the dining room furniture to make space and took plenty of delicious time for the job. That won't work, this time. He won't go away, and he has commandeered the dining room for his work. The pattern says the shawl will be six feet square.

Thank you for advice about income tax and life. I have some ideas of my own. More tomorrow


  1. It's always hard to find somewhere to do the blocking of something big. I'm crocheting a king size blanket so it will be too big to block on our king size bed. Have to finish the blanket before I need to worry about it though!

  2. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Marina is wearing the Marius sweater. Marina's boyfriend is Adam Adamson, I think. At least that is the name that appears in the bottom right corner of the photograph. Great photograph with Rams and Yows in the background, and nice story tracing the knitter to Ravelry.

  3. Would it hold up to being blocked the traditional Shetland way of a frame and thread through the edging? Or would that torque the edging and make it too wonky for scallops?