Sunday, December 07, 2014

Pearl Harbor Day

Little to report. Evening knitting was interrupted by the welcome arrival of the Waitrose order, and I'm pretty sure I didn't resume in the right place. Not a disaster, just another imperfection. No Carol Sunday, no Archie. Our soap opera has gone off until some time in the new year, taking with it a peaceful half-hour of knitting. This time of year is hard to bear.

The Financial Times – we read it on Saturday – has an occasional big glossy supplement called How to Spend It, full of pictures of improbably expensive things. It reaches new heights at this gloomy season. Is anybody really that rich?

Yesterday's issue has a knitwear section. Does anybody really go out dressed like that? I mention it because snug-fitting is not in evidence at all. Ease is everywhere. I was particularly struck by a simple-looking sweater in a very heavyweight-looking cashmere yarn for “about £2800”. Except perhaps for the big collar – just as you said in yesterday's comment, Jane -- you or I could knock it out in a weekend. At The Row, if you're interested.


Google Chrome now loads without Google's opening page. Is that a response to the EU demand for “unbundling”? Or just this endlessly irritating computer finding another way to slow me down and infuriate?

One of the most persistent of the pop-ups is purportedly from Adobe Flash, wanting to update the version it says I've got. Do you think they'd let me alone if I went ahead and did it? It's hard to see how things could be worse.

I have ambitious plans for Getting Things Done today. I'll feel briefly better if I succeed.  


  1. Out of curiousity, I looked at The Row on Barney's website. You could get a sweater that looks like a badly fitting version of the Relax, in cashmere, on sale for about $1,000.

  2. elginknitter2:30 PM

    Adobe Flash will indeed leave you alone if you update your version, at least until the next new version appears! This isn't an ad so much as a reminder to keep your software current.

  3. Anonymous12:26 AM

    I passed by a Gap store yesterday - they were showing a variety of knit sweaters which have been finished inside out with the purl side showing. The seams are on the "good" knit side. These are stranded colourwork sweaters so we see the loops. Not sure I am convinced!
    One friend thought perhaps the factory made an error and they decided to sell the garments anyway.
    The fashion world is definitely beyond me.

    1. Yes - those inside out sweaters are really trying for knitters. There are just too many each year for it to be an accident!

      Mind you last week I gently told a student that he was wearing his cabled Aran sweater inside out!

  4. A learn from my mistake warning. You can get popups that claim to be from Adobe but are in fact virus download sites. Something I learned the hard way. After that experience I go to the Adobe flash website on my own to download the updates rather than following a link in a popup.