Wednesday, March 25, 2015

All well. Not even much panic. I am moving nicely through the day-by-day items on my schedule. Today my husband has a dental appt., and Archie is coming in the evening to be in position for the early-morning EasyJet flight tomorrow. At least he won't have to contend with the Astronomer Royal and the loss of an hour, as I will on Sunday. I haven't scheduled anything else for today.

I'll be sure to get a picture for you of Archie in his new sweater.

The danger of a list is that it can lull one into a false sense of security. I am trying to keep alert and to think of more things to write down, as well as enjoying the keen pleasure of crossing out other things.


I sent the latest pocket square off to London and await the verdict.

And I proceeded with the Sous Sous. I am well into the third repeat, beginning to master the rhythm of the ribbing across the central panel and not making any more mistakes, so far, with the double moss stitch on the sides. It's looking great.

The ribs – is that what you'd call them? – which cross each other to form the cable pattern consist of k1b, p1, k1b instead of the k3 one might expect. I'm proceeding more briskly now that I've grasped that.

The first skein of Whiskey Barrel hasn't far to go. It'll see me through this third repeat, but not much beyond. I am mildly worried. The pattern is written for madelinetosh DK. It specifies seven skeins for the Medium size I am knitting. I bought eight.

There seem to be eleven repeats in the back, so I'll probably be into the fourth skein when I finish. The front will be much smaller, with a deep v-neck and that scoop out of the bottom hem which Greek Helen thinks will draw too much attention to the wearer's less-than-perfect un-flat stomach. And the over-wide front and back provide about half of the sleeve length – only another 7 1/2” will be needed for each sleeve, and they're narrow.

So I'm probably fine for yarn. It's just that one needs something to worry about.

I'll try to get a picture for you soon. The yarn is so dark I'm not sure the luscious pattern will show up.

Mary Lou, the fun of fine lace knitting is that one moves onto an entirely different plane of being. Finshing is impossible, so one doesn't even think about it. One simply enjoys the moment. “Patience” is the wrong word for the quality of mind needed. I think I am talking myself into picking up the Queen Ring and forging ahead. 

Sharon Miller says she finished it in five months, working two hours per evening. But I bet she knits more adroitly than I do, and perhaps has fewer ingerruptions per knitting session.


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    It just occurred to me that if each groomsman wore one of the sample pocket squares you have produced you could be about done with the project.

  2. You may have convinced me, Jean. I do look at Heirloom Knitting from time to time. Perhaps the next step is a trip to Shetland for yarn.

  3. (Wendy Johnson) made a Sous Sous which was straight across in the front. I am thinking about making one like that. Also see her posts about the book "Cats in Hats".

  4. I am making my Sous Sous straight across the front as well. I also made the side panels slimmer since I don't care for the boxy look. And I modified the neckline to be just a scoop neck. And I am making the sleeves long since I don't care for short sleeves. I am using thicker yarn. So really my finished sweater will barely resemble the original pattern. I do love the cable pattern though, and should be all finished by the end of the week.