Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pocket Square

Alas, no pic.

I pressed it and re-folded and sent it off to London, entirely convinced that it is too thick and kludgy-looking. I went to Webs and ordered four skeins of something called Baah Yarn Aspen in shade Navy. It is a similar wool & silk mixture in a fingering weight, with some cashmere thrown in this time, and has a name even more forgettable than Juniper Moon.

All went well except that after the PayPal bit, when I expected to be transported back to the Webs website, I found myself looking at a page of code. And Webs hasn't acknowledged the order, although Paypal has acknowledged the payment.

Last night, when I couldn't even remember the name of the yarn, this seemed an occasion for considerable worry. But this morning I found the yarn easily – shades actually labelled “navy” are very rare in the yarn world; I have no doubt that I have found the yarn I ordered – and wrote to Webs attaching the PayPal acknowledgement. I notice they say that the money won't leave my account until the merchant processes the order, so there should be nothing to worry about at all except for the loss of a day.

Tokyo Shawl

I have finished the first 21-row stripe, wound the next skein of wool into a ball, and embarked upon the next stripe in reversed st st. So it is time to wind a skein of madeleinetosh Whiskey Barrel and square away to Sous Sous. I haven't decided how to divide my time between the two projects. Day-and-day-about is too frenetic. Alternate weeks? The problem is going to be that involvement in each project in turn will make me reluctant (as now) to abandon it.

When I was knitting the Rams & Yowes I tried to do an assigned bit of it each evening and then retreat to the knitting I really wanted to do. That won't work here, since I really want to knit both.

Unst Bridal Shawl

I finally grafted the two ends of the edging together yesterday. It's not an elegant job, but I defy anyone except Sharon Miller to find it. I also started tidying the Messy Corner with the help of a sewing needle. The result isn't beautiful like the other three corners but I think it's less conspicuous.

When to block? Today my husband has a dental appt, tomorrow the computer man is coming back. We had a good session with him on Monday. He thinks my husband needs to learn to mouse, and has gone away to acquire an accommodating rodent. I offered the only one in the house but it is so old that it won't plug in to my husband's computer. On Friday I must have a session at the supermarket. I am well past the stage in life when it was possible to fit two Events into one day, in addition to cooking, knitting, and making the bed.

Saturday morning? That's Calcutta Cup day. Sunday afternoon? We'll see. But it won't be long.


I had trouble with the iPad last night. It said it was connected to the wi-fi extender, it said it had a strong signal, but nothing happened. Adding to my feelings of isolation and anxiety. This morning I have re-connected it with the wi-fi hub itself, and it is back in touch with the world.

I gather people are having trouble commenting. There was a stage when I was deleting 30 or more spam comments a day so I reluctantly signed up for verification. I hate it when I have to jump through those hoops when I am commenting on something myself. I'll try taking it off. Maybe the bad guys have forgotten about me.


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    For the pocket squares, I wonder if it might be easier to find a yarn you like then dye it or have it dyed? Navy is a common enough color to achieve, either using indigo or a chemical dye. Surely someone (a local yarn shop, perhaps) would work with you on this?
    I love the phrase “accommodating rodent” - thanks for the laugh! So very true; it reminds me of a philosophy professor of my acquaintance (recently retired). He never took to computers and when he learned that a computer could freeze (as we say in, at least, American English) he thought it was literally true and after a cold snap his computer and mouse had frozen!

    (who could not figure out following and can only remember how to comment as Anonymous with signature in comment…)

    1. =Tamar9:58 PM

      I comment as Name/URL and leave the URL blank (as I have none).

  2. I have a hard time with comments when I use the ipad, but not the laptop. My husband got himself a heated mouse this winter!

  3. I have arthritis in my wrist and so use an ergonomic mouse. It's quite a bit bigger than a standard mouse, and oddly shaped, but it conforms to the natural shape and angle of a resting hand. It's so much easier to use than the regular version - well worth the extra cost.

  4. Losing a day - each day is precious at this point in time.

  5. Are you planning a visit to Edinburgh Yarn Festival this weekend? You might find some suitable pocket square yarn in "real life"