Thursday, March 26, 2015

Archie has been and gone – he should be well over Belgium by now. I lay half-awake for much of the night, wondering whether he was capable o getting himself up and out at 4 a.m., and whether the taxi would come. Of course he was, of course it did. Perhaps it's just as well that the night will be a short one – because of the time change – when it's my turn.

Here's Archie in the sweater:

I think it can be classed as a success. I wouldn't mind it an inch shorter in both body and sleeves, and I wouldn't mind a slightly higher neck. That will look better if he wears something wkth a collar underneath.

Last night's knitting involved an unfortunate mis-crossed cable in the third repeat on the back of the Sous Sous. What to do? I know it is possible to ladder back just the cable stitches and re-cross them. But 15 stitches are involved – could I pull it off? Or frog – no, tink – two rows and do it properly? That's the best option, but a bit daunting because the work is so wide; there's an awful lot of double moss stitch to unpick. Or figure that in a dark yarn, low down on the back, a mis-crossed cable has a certain rustic charm?


The kind friend who has been driving us to so many appts lately, has offered to give a home to my little Chinese chilli plants while we are away. (They're looking well, but don't have true leaves yet.) That will be a huge relief.

I'd better leave it there for today. I'm having my hair done this morning, and must fetch the newspapers and lay out my husband's breakfast before I go.


  1. skeindalous9:10 AM

    It's only two rows! TInk away. You will be glad.

  2. rosesmama11:19 AM

    I'd put a sock needle in the row below the miscross, and drop back. I haven't done cable surgery, but have done lace, and it isn't that difficult. Set aside a time for it, steel yourself and then just do it. It isn't worse than cutting a steek.

  3. I'm with Rosesmama. IF it gets out of hand,you can always take out the two rows. Archie's sweater fits him well, and I'm certain he will grow into the sleeves.

  4. I would tink back but everyone is different. Love Archie's sweater!

  5. I did a cable drop-back on an afghan and it was easy once I got the hang of it. Lots easier than a steek! I used sock needles. It was only an 8 stitch cable but I had to go back nearly THREE FEET! My husband and mother in law thought I was crazy and no one would notice. Well, it was for a wedding present and I would notice.

    Archie's sweater looks great (and so does Archie). Sleeves too long beat sleeves too short by a mile.

  6. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Archie and his sweater look really good!
    Lovely yarn indeed.

  7. Archie's sweater is handsome! Archie looks like a gentleman.

  8. I support both tinking and assigning that miscrossed cable the role of signature error in the piece.

  9. I agree. Archie's sweater is a success. Inspiration for me.
    Ron in Mexico

  10. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Lovely sweater, so like the way the variegations play out. Too-long sleeves can always be managed.
    - Beth in Ontario

  11. Anonymous2:13 PM

    It is not very hard to drop a cable back....esp just a few rows. You need a quiet room and no distractions. Using double points, tink back stitch by stitch...and then with a slightly larger dpn in the right hand (to keep the tension from being too loose), knit them back up....Good luck...
    Don't attempt until you get back from Greece. You will be too nervous. ENJOY your trip. Leslie in NJ

  12. Well done on Archie's sweater. I'm sure he was very happy with the result. As for the Sous Sous, do the thing you will, in the end, be happiest with. My first ever attempt at knitting cables was a sweater, and I miscrossed a cable on the front. I didn't realize at the time it was easy to drop back the stitches and fix it, so left it as it was rather than tink. I wear the sweater often and don't even notice the mistake.

  13. ice looking lad in a beautiful sweater, well done. Had a visit with Kristie yesterday in Chilliwack and we talked about your upcoming trip to Greece and many other things. Have an enjoyable trip.

  14. Archie looks terrific in his new sweater, what a nice sweater and what a super grandma you are to knit it for him! Another solution to a mis crossed cable is to do a duplicate stitch over the cable at the point of the miscrossed stitch. It works great and no one will notice. I've done it a few times and no one is the wiser!

  15. =Tamar4:03 PM

    I've done a cable-drop, and it's not so bad. It's only two rows, give it a try. You can always tink if it gets too confusing.

  16. The sweater and the grandson look outstanding! I agree that too long sleeves are much much better than too short. Have a lovely time in Greece and take notes so you can update all of us on your return. We shall miss you!