Monday, March 16, 2015

New follower -- Hi!

Laetare plus one. I feel slightly less than sprightly this morning, happy to embrace total abstinence again. I had planned to declare Lent over as soon as my husband pulls away from the curb on his southward journey on March 28, but I must be careful. Full sprightliness will be wanted on March 29 – which will commence at 4 a.m., at that. C. is going to come and get me in a taxi at about 4:30, meaning tbat she will have to get up even earlier than I will. The flight is at 7.

Joe (Rachel's younger son) sent me these two pictures yesterday, of Matt wearing (I presume) the two pocket squares I have sent him, one Rowan Cotton Glace and the other Juniper Moon. I couldn't attempt to guess which is which. Matt has a natty way of folding them, better than the way I learned from Google. Rachel phoned again last night – she seems to think that one of these squares would do, presumably Cotton Glace which Matt has said he prefers.

We'll see what Webs comes up with.

I am interested in the details of these pictures. What has happened to Matt's chin? A swarm of bees, perhaps, but Rachel would have mentioned such an event. The spice rack in the background is encouraging – everybody was afraid when they moved in together that Matt would starve to death.

As for actual knitting, not much got done yesterday. The Sunday syndrome. I am a bit worried that the double moss stitch is not entirely right – that is, that I knit a row somewhere, maybe more than one, which turns it into single moss stitch. It won't matter much, in a dark yarn low down on the back, but I'd better get it right before I move into more conspicuous areas. I might reach the first cable crossing today if I press industriously forward.

The spring issue of Knitty is out. Franklin contributes a baby hat (I'm not interested, I'm afraid) and an article about his fondness for deciphering old patterns. I enjoyed that, as I enjoy every syllable that falls from his pen.


I'm sorry I missed the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, Nana, and I won't let it happen again. Although the last thing I need in the world is to be tempted by yarn. First I've got to finish knitting the yarn I bought at Jamieson & Smith in the fall of 2013 – a Fair Isle vest and Kate Davies' Northmavine hap remain to be done.  It should be possible to polish them off in a year, even with my current obligations. The 2016 EYF is a real incentive to try to do that.

I hope I'm right, Liz, about the Calcutta Cup and the Laetare weekend. I feel pretty sure I'd remember if they had coincided any time between 2000 and now. We could work it out by looking up the dates of Easter – Laetare Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Lent – and the Six Nations rugby schedules, but that's far too much work.

Will I get the Unst Bridal shawl blocked today?


  1. skeindalous9:13 AM

    Have you considered the Euroflax light weight yarn for the pocket squares? A very nice finish, not fuzzy or too heavy. Good drape, once washed. Widely available I would imagine.

  2. Anonymous5:29 PM

    If you wish to avoid the temptation of buying yarn at a yarn festival, you might choose to focus on buttons or other findings. Or brilliant new patterns, especially if they're made up into samples which can be tried on for size. A map of the market booths should be available beforehand, so you could plan your path and know which vendors you particularly wish to investigate. People-watching is good entertainment, too; check out the handknits worn by the other festival-goers.
    -- stashdragon (veteran of several years of Stitches West)

    1. ....and once you get there, you can forget all your best laid plans! lol

  3. This calculating Easter is so complicated that I don't think you would want to try it. My grandson was born on an Easter Sunday, and his father has calcuated that the next birthday he will have on Easter Day will be his 79th! The grandson, that is.