Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dentistry today. That should give me a chance to advance the third pocket square.

I very much like Stella's idea, endorsed by Meezermeowmy, comments yesterday, of a double row of eyelets for the bridegroom's pocket square, nothing fancier. I'll go with that one. I mean to knit eight, and will do that one last. In fact, they'll have nine, counting the sample I have already sent to London for approval. So he'll have a choice.

The iPad seems to have the vapours this morning. It says it's connected, it says it has a strong signal, but it doesn't seem able to send me the picture I just took using it, of the Sous Sous in progress. Maybe tomorrow. I've done the fifth cable crossing.

I've just heard from one of you who is going to be on this tour. We hope to meet for lunch during the Edinburgh bit at the end. The tour sounds excellent – I like Dundee, and it's a solid and un-tourist-y spot for a base; I like Amy Detjen; I like the idea of arriving in Lerwick by sea, and it will be wonderful to meet Hazel Tindall. Is anyone else signed up for it?

I have also heard from two Maryland-Sheep-and-Wool-goers, so the Vampires should be in hand. I don't really need them – I am more enthused at the moment with the idea of more socks for my husband with the new(ish) madelinetosh sock yarn, probably including Whiskey Barrel itself.

But the Vampires of Venice, apart from the sheer wonderfulness of the name, are mentioned in the found poem Alexander constructed from this blog and gave me, printed on tea towels, for my 80th birthday. (We have framed and hung one.) I've just been looking back through the archives to find it. I wrote it out for you in full on August 15, 2013.

Looking back brought many happy memories of that wonderful 80th birthday party. And this picture, which I had forgotten:

That's me and Matt, on our way up the commonty towards the house. You can see why I'll knit him all the pocket squares he could possibly want.

That all happened only two years ago -- how long ago it seems. I am afraid the downward trajectory since then has been rather steep.


  1. The downward trajectory - hmm, steep or gentle - I will ponder. And knit while I do so.

  2. Anonymous5:14 PM

    What a truly lovely photo of you and Matt - yes, I see why he gets all the pocket squares he wants. (I've forgotten which yarn you settled on, after all the deliberations and trials.) The Scottish knitting trip looks wonderful - price makes me gasp but good value for money. I was terribly seasick on the overnight ferry to Lerwick but that was back in the mid 1970's - stabilizers probably better these days. Gravol on the return trip was effective. Commonty - always intriguing, these Scots terms.
    - Beth in Ontario

  3. Great photo.

    Since you were thinking about men's sweaters, be sure not to miss the new Brooklyn Tweed release. It has a bunch of great ones!