Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Odds and Ends

David and Helen like a game called Bananagram where you make crosswords for yourself. I was no good at it and soon reverted to knitting, but C. took to it like a pro:

Kristie recently sent me this link to a new blog from Jamieson&Smith, kicking off with an essay from Oliver Henry about Shetland sheep. Don't miss.

I am much taken with the idea of this “knitting smock”. I found the link in Knitsofacto's blog. It's those pockets that are so attractive, and the idea of having something easy-to-wash to wear over sweaters in the winter.

I've just ordered a little book called “Unst Heritage Lace”. I remember buying some loose sheets of old lace motifs when I was actually on Unst. I can't find them, although the lace section of my booshelves is among the more orderly. And I've fallen behind with LibraryThing – a big mistake. I thought I'd better have it.


The Tokyo Shawl progresses nicely. You will remember that a fine grey alpaca yarn is carried along with the changing wools throughout. Four balls of it are provided – and yesterday I finished the first of them. That always feels like progress.

And after a week of travel writing, I find I've run dry...


  1. I fell behind with Library Thing a few years ago. It may be too late for me.

  2. I was intrigued by the knitting smock too, Jean. I've actually been looking for sewing patterns that could be modified to make a similar garment.