Friday, April 24, 2015

The Secret of Life may be to panic a day in advance. I got a fair amount done yesterday, the tasks, of course, multiplying hydra-headed as soon as each one was ticked off. The same thing will happen today. But I'm feeling more confident.

Our friend G., who reads this blog every morning to see if there is something she can do to make life easier for us, came round and put the iPad right. I had made considerable progress with turning it off and on again, to no avail. She turned the wi-fi router off and on (or whatever you call that gadget that extends the signal) and that did the trick.

So here is the picture of the Sous Sous which had got stuck in the system. I lightened it somewhat with the iPad's picture-editing tools, in order to show you the pattern. The effect is to downplay the wonderfulness of the yarn. I could go on knitting Whiskey Barrel forever and must, indeed, make my husband a pair of socks in it.

I got well on with the sixth repeat last night, and may advance to the beginning of the sixth cable crossing today. The cabling all comes towards the end of the 16-row repeat.

There's a new Twist Collective out. Nothing for me, knitting-wise, I don't think – the sweaters too fitted, the shawls too big. But there's a seriously interesting article about provisional cast-ons, worth stowing in Evernote, and an ad from Catherine Lowe that I must pursue, another simple, loose-fitting sweater in the Relax stable.

Clicking on the ad doesn't help, though. Ravelry doesn't advance things much.


Rachel and Ed should be here tonight, and tomorrow we will set off towards Strathardle as soon as we can get my husband up and booted and spurred (=roughly, midday). I should be back here on Tuesday, insh'Allah. My sister should arrive later that day. She says she has got a step-measuring gadget and is trying to do 10000 steps a day. I have spent enough time on that particular game to know that that will require her to be in almost constant motion.

Except for the hoped-for appearance on Tuesday, there won't be any blogging next week either.

SamKD, I was touched by your comment yesterday about Ruth Rendell. I am currently reading her “House of Stairs”, under the name of Barbara Vine. Not her best, but that's a comment which might be made here and there of Raphael. When the iPad was out of touch with the world for two days, I found that that was the thing which worried me most – I won't be able to get another book for my Kindle app.

Does anyone know how she is? She = Ruth Rendell. She had a massive stroke early this year. Googling reveals a number of newspaper reports, “serious but stable”, from January. Then, silence.   


  1. It seems, because of her massive stroke, that there will be no more wonderful Ruth Rendell books for her fans to devour, Still, there are so many back numbers we could begin at the beginning and have the pleasure of reading them all over again.

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Enjoy the weekend out at Strathardie and the visiting family.
    Glad the knitting is proceeding well.
    We look forward to your return to the blog.

    1. My sentiments, exactly! I"ll imagine your escapades until you return. Safe journey!

  3. Hope the key ghost leaves you a present. Enjoy.

  4. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Perhaps this link will help:

    I hope all goes well at Strathardle, that your keys turn up, and the mice haven't nibbled things to nubbins.


  5. Love the new header. Safe rodent-free travels.

  6. MaureenTakoma6:48 PM

    Brava to "G" who helps. Re: the keys, I advocate not giving them another thought as you head north. I find things present themselves when I've completely given up on them. Now, to find a delicious Inspector Wexford novel to enjoy over the weekend in honor of Miss Rendell.

  7. echoing Maureen's comment - BRAVA to "G" - if i were in Edinburgh i would help! its good to know you are a guardian angel!

    have a great time at Strathardle. may the mice be absent and the keys be present!