Monday, April 20, 2015

The second pocket square is nearly finished, but not quite. That's the end of this morning's knitting news.

I looked up Kate Davies' tea cosy pattern. It's a sweetie, all right, and it includes a number of interesting techniques which I might benefit from attempting. I've never liked corrugated ribbing, for instance – but I didn't discover until late in life that it's not meant to pull in like real ribbing. Maybe it's worth another try. And I wonder if I've even heard of “vikkel braids”.

Life begins to sizzle a bit, this week. My husband has two appts – eyes today and teeth on Wednesday. Rachel and Ed are coming up after work on Friday for our weekend adventure in Strathardle. My sister is coming next week. Her husband, who had a small stroke just before Thomas' and Lucy's wedding, is well enough to be left on his own – that sounds good.

Nope, I'm afraid I've got nothing to say.


  1. Vikkel braids are also called Latvian braids. Not difficult and fun to do.

  2. I've been admiring the tea cosy from Defarge Knits Shakespeare. Sorry I'm not smart enough to link to it.
    Ravelry has Pages of cosies...

  3. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Have you gotten a walker/rollator for your husband. Would give both of you peace of mind for him when walking. Or a small wheelchair that you could manage. Otherwise, at most Dr. offices, they have a wheelchair and can come out and get you when you
    pull up and then you can go and park. At least here in the US, they have them for patient's use, in most offices. Hope you have and easy and safe day.
    Leslie in NJ

  4. There were a couple of tea cosy books I remember reading about at some point with awesomely crazy designs. Really Wild Tea Cosies is one, I think. They're neat-looking, but I've never used a teapot in my life so I don't think a tea cosy makes any sense. Plus my tea allergy means I'm pretty unlikely to ever need such a thing (esp since I'm not supposed to have coffee anymore due to the acidity, so I really don't drink anything hot anymore).
    Good luck with the doc appts, I'm trying to get in to see mine earlier (depression went from "hey I'm here & you kinda suck" to "why don't you just die" so it's time for medical intervention again)

  5. Melfina, yes, I hope you can get to your doc sooner, rather than later. Depression is a bear, as you well know. Please stay with us.

    Jean, I second the comment that vikkel braids are fun. Try them!