Saturday, August 19, 2017

Here’s Miss Rachel, brightness-enhanced.  I hope you can see it.  I’m at the stage where one just goes round and round forever, peacefully. I’ll need a longer needle for the exciting yoke bit at the end.

I’ve been trawling happily back and forth through the new IK, although thoroughly agreeing with you about the undesirability of dark-on-dark. I want the Cash Pullover and the Subterraneans Cardigan, to start with, and there are others close behind. I do very much like – this may have been happening for years, but I never noticed before – I like being told how much ease each pattern is modelled with.

I was taken with the article about Llamerino – it sounds like my sort of yarn. But an appeal to Ravelry reveals that it comes only in beige and grey, no dyes. I think IK might have mentioned that.

Today brought the latest edition of the British “Knitting”. I still don’t like the patterns or the photography, but as a magazine it’s getting better and better.


I utterly agree, Shandy (comment yesterday) that I need some savings (despite the cruel lack of interest) to deal with dental implants or the day the roof blows off. I’m all right at the moment, in that respect, but I still need to keep an eye on things, to make sure the savings are not being depleted by Ordinary Life.

Metropolitan Rebecca, thank you for the tip about Moneydance. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it, and I will remember it if I have to give up on the current arrangement, old-computer-plus-old-version-of-Quicken.

I’ve finished Minoo Dinshaw on Runciman, and have moved on, not to "The Sicilian Vespers", as originally intended, but to Runciman’s "The Medieval Manichee" which is shorter. It has been a long time since I have read anything much more demanding than a knitting book, and it’s tough going. But good for the brain cells. And Runciman is a prose stylist as well as a truly remarkable historian. "Vespers" next.

Mary Lou, thank you for the hypothesis about the New Yorker cover.



    i just reviewed the website. boy they have come along way since i looked at them about 5 years ago. i am going to download the trial and see if its better ... it was a bit clumsy then. will report back.

  2. Re accessible funds- I thought you had mentioned income from investments before. I find it reassuring to have the price of a modest secondhand car in an instant access deposit account, so that if mine grinds to a halt it would be easy to replace it. Obviously you could build up such a reserve from savings, but that depends on what your day to day expenses are. Because the fund is in a separate account, I don't draw on it regularly.

  3. I do like the grey in the sweater, I look forward to seeing the yoke colors. I'm impressed at how quickly you finished Runciman biography and moved on to the man himself.

  4. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Life is never simple. Now we need to cross-train our brains with demanding literature and audition financial websites to keep ourselves afloat. Good thing there is laughter:-). Maybe that's why they name serious budgetary programs names like Moneydance. Do si do, to write a check I'll go. Hope you smile a lot during your day, Jean! Chloe