Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Today’s culture is “Krapp’s Last Tape”. I have high hopes. Archie and I saw Ionesco’s “Rhinoceros” on Saturday and agreed that it was about 15 minutes too long. Brilliantly staged and acted, but that didn’t stop one wondering, towards the end, whether it would be all right to have a peek at one’s watch.

Tonight’s performance doesn’t start until 8 p.m. I shall spend most of the afternoon in bed. But I managed evening shows in Pitlochry (sustained by the James Mileses) and am sure I can do it again. Archie is coming round for supper at 6 which will give me a goal in life.

I’ve finished Miss Rachel’s ribbing, increased to the no. of stitches KD wants for the yoke,  and have happily embarked on the round-and-round. I don’t seem to have a 24” 3mm needle in Knit Pro Symfonie wood – whyever not? – and Meadow Yarn, for the first time in my experience of them, is out of stock. I’ve ordered  Knit Pro “Karbonz” from them, better than nothing I hope, and meanwhile there are needles here to be going on with.

Eileen (comment yesterday), thank you very much. I don’t quite know why I should be so curious about Minoo Dinshaw – except that his biography of Steven Runciman is quite remarkably brilliant – but I am, and was very glad of your tip. I’ve now speed-read (precisely) half of Candia McWilliam’s autobiography, to the point where I learn that Minoo is a Balliol man.

I had even wondered about that very point. It is Lord Peter Wimsey’s college, and my husband’s, and his father’s, and Alexander’s.

Now I’ll go back to reading Minoo’s “Outlandish Knight”, and when that is finally finished, on to Runciman’s “Sicilian Vespers” which is where we started in the first place.

The new IK turned up today, looking thoroughly re-worked and full of brilliant patterns if you like cables, as I emphatically do. Were I to complain about anything, it would be a lack of reading matter.


  1. Jean, I saw a review of the new IK on the "Knitting Needle and the Damage Done" blog, and was favorably impressed. I purchase an IK perhaps once in three years, and this issue tempts me.

    Enjoy the theater!

  2. I used to look forward to every new issue of IK, but now rarely buy one. I think it's to do with Ravelry, and the easy access to patterns there. I did see some discussion on Ravelry about the latest IK issue, with several people saying some of the photos were taken against a very dark background, making it hard to see the actual knitted item. Did you find that to be the case?

  3. Don't know about Jean but I could not see the details of several of the sweaters in the new IK; black or navy (can't even tell which) garments on a dark background with almost no lighting. This is the first issue of IK for me since I resubscribed (let it lapse a few years ago) and now I am wondering if I will even read it. I hope it improves. And yes, not much reading material either.

  4. Your description of your intellectual journey from Runciman to Dinshaw to McWilliams to Balliol College is delicious. I've only barely heard of Stephen Runciman and now I want to read the Dinshaw bio.

  5. What very different ideas the phrase Balliol man conjures up! The current leader of the National Trust is about to become Master of Balliol.

  6. Anonymous12:21 PM

    My favorite editors of IK were Melanie Falick and Pam Allen, including their reading matter. Maybe it's a generational thing? Chloe

  7. Happy belated birthday, Jean. May all your birthday wishes come true.