Tuesday, August 08, 2017

This is embarrassing – I found my marriage lines.

Where some of you had more or less suggested I look: they were in a discreet brown envelope into which I had gathered all my husband’s vital documents, starting with his birth certificate. [See Jeanfromcornwall’s comment yesterday.] The idea was to facilitate the registration of the death – I’m not sure that any of them were necessary, other than the form signed by the doctor saying that he was in fact dead. I was a veritable whirlwind of efficiency, those first few days.

The envelope was in what I think of as the Death File.

One of you had gone to the extraordinary lengths of ringing up Piscataway Township to find out what to do. She sent me a .pdf of the file I needed to fill in, and I began today by downloading it and filling it in and scanning it and sending it back to her, with a scan of my driving license.

Then I moved on to the next chore – and found that envelope. The package is on its way to USS and I trust I will be in funds soon. I am sorry to have worried you all.

As for knitting, I am well along with the Buachaille swatch and am very much enjoying the feel of the yarn on my fingers. A few more rows to go, and then we’ll see. I’m inclined to think that if the gauge is anywhere near right, I’ll go ahead with Miss Rachel’s Yoke. At least I find myself keen to get back to that swatch – that’s something.

Chloe, that’s a good idea, about finding a knitting club. I don’t go out much in the evening, but there may be something going on Saturday morning. I’ll pursue that one.

The new edition of Fruity Knitting should be with us any minute now.


  1. Well, that's certainly good news about your documents.
    A knitting group is an excellent idea, although if it is anything like the one I go to not much actual knitting happens. People tend to bring something simple to work on while enjoying the chance to talk on general topics. Of course, we all admire each other's finished objects.

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I wonder if there are enough blog readers in Edinburgh to start a new group at a time to meet your requirements?

    So glad you found that key document!


  3. There, see! Of course it was not lost: it was just in the wrong right place. We won't say too much about the car MOT and Log Book for one himself was about to part-exchange. It cost to get the replacements and it was quite some time later that I wondered what that littl stak of papers was on the top of books by his chair . . . So you see we have all done it.
    The remaining decision will be whether to put it back in the right right place or the wrong right place, when it comes home for keeps.

    1. =Tamar4:55 AM

      Lesson I learned some time ago: when looking for things, touch everything, because the eyes will slide right over things that are in plain sight.

  4. Aargh, the typos! Hate this keyboard!

  5. So surprised when the name of Piscataway Township leapt out of,the page! The first time I went to America I landed at Newark Airport on a dodgy charter flight, this was some 47 years ago when I was meeting up with my pen friend from Michigan. Her best friend from home had moved to New Jersey, lived in a duplex in Piscataway so this place was my first introduction to American life, before taking an internal flight to Michigan. Although friend knew we were staying over, in the morning there was an expedition to the shops to buy the food for breakfast. At that time struck me as very strange.

  6. Yay! I'm glad things are smoothing out, Jean.
    I've thought about going to open knit/knitting during the day, but I've been wool shopping while it's going on and it seems like they all know each other. If I owned a wool shop I would school my knitters as to how to help me extend hospitality, encourage them to smile and acknowledge customers. The hipster knitters in the neighborhood meet at a wine bar. That occurs way past my bedtime.

  7. I misplaced my passport before a trip to the UK a long time ago. Paid extra to expedite the replacement, then found the passport. Yes, it happens to us all!

  8. Anonymous9:43 PM

    You might like to enquire at Kathy's Knits, which doesn't seem to be too far away. if there is not already a Knit and Natter or similar group, would Kathy like to host one?
    Helen (anon)

  9. So glad you found it. As another American living in Auld Reekie, I know the panic of not being able to poor my hands on important documents like that.

  10. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Jean, by telling us about your dilemma you set a chain of energy in motion, which led you to your passport. You did the right thing! Knitting groups do "natter" about unrelated things (so fun!) but they also help solve knitting problems, Win-win! Chloe

  11. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Whoops, I meant marriage license. Chloe

  12. Anonymous1:54 PM

    WOW, that's fantastic! So glad you found your license:)I can just hear the rigamerole and chattering in that important papers envelope, kicking up a ruckus, until they got your attention. Under the circumstances :( all discombobulation is natural and will settle with the dust....and as you settle,so will we!

  13. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Dear Jean,
    I spent a lovely hour yesterday in Kathy's Knits, happily choosing yarn and thinking of you. Thanks for recording your information on Kathy's, as it was a lovely stop on a frantically busy day in Edinburgh.

    Barbara M., usually in NH

  14. I wish I lived there so we could start a group Actually I wish I lived ther full stop. Anyway glad you found it.

    What a great new photo for the blog header.!!! Such a joy to see that smiling baby face!!