Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Thank you, Crochet66, for the assurance that Pointless will be back. I didn’t think of the BBC Frequently Asked Questions page. I actually resorted to Twitter – if the President of the United States can communicate with us that way, why not Armstrong and Osman? But I didn’t get very far.

And, PixieMum, thank you for the tip about the Knitting and Crochet cruise (comment, yesterday). I rushed off in great excitement to look it up – but, alas! the Ventura is one of those great big cruise ships, and I am dead set against them. As I am against bobbles.

My dream knitting cruise would be a distinctly smallish ship, setting sail from Edinburgh, (hey! we could highjack the Royal Yacht!) for Norway, the Faroes, Iceland, and Lerwick. I didn’t book another Majestic cruise until I had experienced the first one, and now it’s too late for a single cabin on what I would choose for next year: their new “wilderness” cruise to the upper left-hand corner of the Scottish mainland. Noble Caledonian (whose ships are not grotesquely big) circumnavigate Sicily – but this year’s circumnavigation departs on the day of an unmissable family wedding, and if they’re going to do it again next year, they haven’t announced plans yet.

So I have nowhere to go, at the moment.

I have no knitting news to report (indeed, have done no knitting) except to say that you mustn’t miss the latest Fruity Knitting, where the guest is Meg herself.

On the cruise, I got around the heel of Archie’s second sock. He came to lunch on Monday and I completely forgot to have him try on the first one. He’s now in Greece, with the rest of his family. I think, when I pull myself together, I’ll polish off that sock before I go back to the Calcutta Cup vest.

I got a leaflet through the door this morning about some of the attractions of the Festival Fringe – one of them being a “conversation” with one of the Birmingham Six who now, I gather, makes his living going around complaining. I’d like to be there, but it’s at noon on the day when Archie and I are going to see “Waiting for Godot” in the evening – am I strong enough? The pub bombings happened while we lived in Birmingham. I am sure the Six were improperly convicted, not quite so sure that they were innocent.


  1. perhaps you can your name on a waitlist?

  2. I thought the same thing as Mary Lou especially as you've had a nice post-cruise conversation with "Mr. Majestic."

  3. I second the motion about a waiting list for cruises, especially the smaller ships which depend more on full berths, surely?

    And I am also a Pointless fan, it shows on the ABC (BBC equivalent in Australia).

    One of the commercial channels is launching its own version. I am apprehensive, so much depends on the rapport between the hosts.

  4. I am so glad to have you back reporting on all things Edinburgh, BBC, cruising, cats, oh and incidentally KNITTING.

  5. Watching the British Open with my husband and showed him your photo of the Calcutta Cup - he agrees it’s the loveliest sports trophy ever. He’s just starting to follow rugby, courtesy of a South African friend here. He asked if your vest was a sort of “cozy” for the Cup.