Friday, December 14, 2018

Hellie has sent me some wonderful pictures from her recent visit, but I can’t figure out how to download them. I click left, I click right, and lots of options appear, but not that one. I’ll go on working on it.

I have knit onwards. I’m about halfway through the slouch part of the second stripey hat – there follow 16 rounds of crown decreases, but those go fast. So I’m well on target. I think the cable cast-on is better, although not perfect, curl-wise.

More Italian homework tonight. This will have to be the last lesson of ’18. It was interesting the other day when my new Romanian cleaning woman was introduced. Greek Helen was here, and Daniella, also Romanian, my current, beloved, cleaning woman who is leaving to have a baby. Helen and Daniella speak to each other in Greek. Really speak. Not like me in Italian, fumbling for each phrase. The new one has excellent English.

Mary Lou, I envy you, having seen the trunk show which included “Foldlines”, and I’m terribly glad that you like it. I don’t think there’s anything you can do to help – although I thank you for the offer. Brooklyn Tweed patterns are so utterly detailed that I don’t think there’s anything else to be said.


I watched “Zelig” again not long ago. The odd thing is how much younger my father has become, since it first came out.

Kate Davies has posted a blog post about her considerable achievements in ’18. Saleswoman she may be, but she won’t sell me on Nicola Sturgeon. I am like a grumpy ‘30’s Republican, grumbling about “that man in the White House”.


  1. "that man in the White House" reminded me: As an ambulance squad member I treated a man who probably had a stroke. I asked him the date, and who was president, to assess his mental orientation. "It's that d*** actor!" he replied (Ronald Reagan). Had to quickly change the subject to keep him calmer.

  2. I took a fall recently and one of the questions asked once they had me sitting up was who is the president ... I replied do I really have to say his name ... and they laughed and told me I must be okay!

  3. Well, let's hope Archie can come to rescue on the photos! And that your have a new cleaning woman with whom you can communicate, I hope that makes up for Daniella's absence.

  4. I had a general anaesthetic on the day we last changed Prime Ministers in Australia, and was joking with the nurses that they wouldn't be able to ask that question when I woke up, as it may have changed again in the time I was "out".

  5. About 12 years ago, due to an excessive amount of anesthesia, my poor Dad was stuck in "Recovery" for seven days! When he finally came to, the Dr. pointed to his wristwatch and asked my father, "What is this?" to which my father replied, "A piece of sh**." We knew we had him back;).