Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Today’s ordeal was an eye appt., at the extreme outer edge of my walking-range and also just at the time when I like to sink into bed for a nap. But I did it, and even got back in time for a brief snooze before Pointless. When I fell in Reggio Calabria, the left lens flew out of my glasses and was seriously scratched. I hope I will be able to retain it as a souvenir. It’s plastic, thank goodness.

Knitting-time was happily devoted to the stripey hat. I’m slightly more than halfway through the initial, slouch section. What follows are the crown decreases. It is ideal solstice knitting, as I thought.

I must get Rachel’s socks moved from the WIP section to FO. The toes have been kitchener’d – all I have to do is to tidy the cast-on ends, and turn the socks inside out to make sure no horrors lurk within. She is coming up next week, with her daughter Hellie (everybody is named Helen around here) and her daughter Orla. Now it turns out that Thomas, Rachel’s elder son and my eldest grandchild, is coming too, with his daughter Juliet. I will have to take to my bed for the duration.

KD says that the “Heid” book has been dispatched – good news. She has posted a long blog entry about a journal which will be part of next year’s club. It sounds attractive, but I can’t think how it could fit into my life. I’m not a designer. I don’t have ideas.

It’s time to begin thinking about the page in Lotus Organizer on which I list my hopes for the year to come. I don’t seem to have done it last year – the first gap in a long while. This time it will be Stronachlachar and Foldlines and, if we win the Calcutta Cup, some splendid Gaughan cables, probably for one of Alexander and Ketki’s sons. We won’t win, because the match is in London and we never win there, so I don’t need to plan the sweater in too much detail.


  1. I am always fascinated by KD's marketing strategies, and her resourcefulness in thinking up new lines. The notion of this sort of journal, so far as I understand it, seems to be a kind of elaborated "To Do" list, to allow you to get a handle on a busy life. I used to be a big list maker, but I have lost the need since retirement. These seem to be halfway to being a sort of scrapbook with decorative tape and so on. I'm sure they will be big sellers.

  2. The Heid book has a hat by a local knit bud, Virginia, who is also the designer of the stripey hat, in case that interests you. Remember when glasses had glass lenses that weighed so much and were so fragile?

  3. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Today Kate announced her Knitting Season club to start in January. Two levels of the club. As always looks interesting although the price point of the higher edition is pretty dear.

    Southern Gal

  4. =Tamar6:52 PM

    Unless the lenses can be repaired (and if they can, why don't they do it for you?), you should be able to keep the lens with no guilt about not donating them. I think the simplest way is to remove the lens yourself before you take the frames in to get the new lenses.

    I love knitting hats.

  5. Not sure if I will join KD's club, though I am sorely tempted. I liked the idea of the Strickplaner and got one last year, but as I didn't use it on a regular basis, a lot of it was wasted. I really like the idea of using a Leuchtturm on an as-needed basis for notes and idease for projects, maybe designs. The one that KD and her husband designed looks very nice, though I would prefer the graph style over the dots - my eyes don't like those dots LOL:)!
    Congratulations on your completing the Calcutta Cup Vest:)! I am sure it will be a treasured and much worn and loved possession!

  6. PS please pardon my typos...

  7. The vest is amazing, and the owner looks very proud .