Saturday, December 08, 2018

Nothing to report.

I forgot all about Kate Davies’ club launch yesterday, until 8 p.m., three hours after the crucial moment. (What was I doing?) The expensive version was all sold out by then. I signed up for the lesser one, which is much more suitable for me anyway. She’s a brilliant saleswoman.

Italian went fairly well this morning, Skype-wise, but was, as always,  a tremendous mental strain. Archie came to lunch (“Tagliata” from “Nigelissima”) which was soothing. Then after my nap, Helen and David – he’s here from Thessaloniki for the weekend, as often – turned up and that was pleasant, too. But no knitting. And tomorrow I must prepare for Monday’s invasion. Helen will come and help in the afternoon, not that there’s much to do except worry.

Tomorrow launches a pretty fraught week, what with relatives and a dr’s appt and new spectacles at the oculist’s shop and a new cleaning woman who will replace beloved Daniela when she leaves soon to wait for her baby. Even with all that, not nearly as fraught as Theresa May’s week is going to be. I wish her well.


  1. I’m sure the invasion will be fun, if exhausting. Good to have help. I look forward to seeing some baby photos!

  2. =Tamar4:20 PM

    You are an inspiration. I am younger and do not accomplish half so much. Take care and enjoy the invasion.

  3. The limited version sold out in about five minutes according to what I read in a post. I could not do it this year but will sign up for the unlimited lower priced version.

  4. It will be an auspicious week indeed for Ms May and all of you. I have found following all of it fascinating and a welcome relief from the horrors that are our current political landscape

  5. Jean, as Southern Gal has already noted, the expensive version of the KDD club must have sold out within five or 15 minutes or so, because that’s about when I logged on (12:15 EST) and it was already gone. Saved from temptation, is how I decided to think of it. I did order the lower-priced club, and put my £60 “savings” toward two Heids yarn packs and a gift for a friend. One of the Heids is “Let’s Stripe” (yes, that pretty much consumed my £60), inspired by your own stripey hat knitting.

    I tried to post yesterday, and think my comment disappeared, so I’ll note here that I agree with your assessment of the new (brioche) VK. I buy it perhaps once every four or five years, and this issue is outstanding.

    Oh, and the comments about Tom Lehrer were happening as I was in Boston (but not Cambridge) for a conference, so I kept thinking, “These are but a few of which the news has come to HAHvahd, / And there might be many others, but they hahven’t been disCAHvahed” (periodic table song). I was introduced to Lehrer’s music in grad school by a boyfriend. He (boyfriend) turned out not to be a keeper, but I have kept, gladly, that particular contribution to my cultural awareness.

  6. Kate Davies is indeed a brilliant saleswoman. In fact it worries me a little. She could probably induce me to buy just about anything.
    About Theresa May. I'm no fan, but I do feel sorry for her and her impossible task. These days there seems to be no article about Brexit in the NY Times that does not pair her name with some version of the word "humiliate".