Friday, December 07, 2018

I have come to a mini-skein I don’t have, for the stripey hat. If they were threaded on a leather thong, like last time, I would know for sure that it was missing to begin with. This way, I strongly suspect it was mislaid by the furry Rumpelstiltskins who sometimes come to help in the night. There are various available work-arounds. No panic. 

The lower edge is curling badly. One can only hope that blocking will help. The instructions asked for a cable cast-on but I found I wasn’t enjoying that and reverted to the good old long-tail. Now I learn from KD’s “Heids” that the cable cast-on is employed specifically to avoid curling. Live and learn. Learn and forget, more likely, in my case.

The new VK tuned up today, and is a winner, in my opinion. I’m keen on brioche anyway, and it’s a major feature of this issue. I hadn’t known that Nancy Marchant actually unvented increasing and decreasing in mid-brioche, allowing it to swirl. I’ve got a substantial Koigu stash, if the moths haven’t eaten it away from below. Could I divide it into light and dark and knit Unjung Yun’s wrap?

I’m also very keen on Norah Gaughan’s cardigan (no surprise there) although I think I would liven up the colour a bit.

And there’s much else, and interesting articles. I hadn’t known that textiles were such a bone of contention between the American colonies and the crown.


As I was last Friday, I am confronted with an early Italian lesson tomorrow. I think instead of doing much homework tonight, I will work on how-to-explain, in Italian, that I am wearing temporary glasses while the lenses (including the one badly scratched when I fell in Reggio Calabria) are replaced in my proper ones, and reading isn’t easy. Lots of useful vocabulary in the explanation, not to mention moods and tenses.

If Wikipedia is right, Tom Lehrer is still alive, only five years older than I am. Back in ’54, he was grown-up and I was only Jean. That’s good news, anyway.


  1. Alternate cable cast on is my favourite for single rib on socks, hats etc. Always comes out neater looking than plain cable cast on and is nicely stretchy.

  2. I don't mind cable cast on, but I find alternate cable cast on tedious. Your explanation for Italian class sounds useful and real life.

  3. I was so surprised at your saying that Tom Lehrer is still with us that I had to look him up. Yes he is still extant - an achievemet! Went burrowing this afternoon and found my CD, which has a good selection of his songs. Time for another listen.

  4. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Thank you so much for the anti-curling cable cast on tip. I tend to avoid it like the plague but maybe for rare occasions like your hat I could stand it. Probably won't attempt the alternate version unless I'm knitting for the Queen. Chloe

  5. Maybe because it is the first cast on I learnt, cable c.o. is my default. I find the twisted German cast on doesn't curl, and that is a variant of long tail and a bit stretchy.