Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ireland beat us, I’m afraid.

And since I’ve started in non-knit mode, I’ll go on.

Yesterday’s computer problem was the Palm. When I tried to access any of the nearly-300 files I have already equipped with permanent endnotes and squirted in, I got an error message about a previous version of Documents to Go having been detected. I was referred to a website, I went there, and attempted to carry out the alarming instructions I found. Unlike my adventures with Norton’s instructions the day before, I failed.

A visit loomed to the nice young men on Tottenham Court Road who sold us the thing in the first place.

But then I discovered that all I had to do was click “Re-install Handheld Applications” from the Tools menu of Documents to Go. So all is well. My husband wants to take the Palm along to London tomorrow, so I will have to spend today squirting in as many as possible of the 123 additional files I have prepared.

Look! what arrived yesterday. I meant it for Strathardle wear, but it was so luscious that I have had it on ever since I opened the package. CafePress are very nice to deal with, quite apart from the wonderfulness of Franklin's designs. Good quality stuff, speedy service, and, for some reason, no customs duty to pay. This was my 5th order from them.

The other non-knit item this morning is the weather. I think we were lucky in our choice of days for Strathardle last week. I am grateful to the passer-by for providing that coup de rouge.

OKC (Obligatory Knit Content)

The soothing qualities of the Princess were much in evidence last night, as I recovered from Scotland’s defeat. I’m doing row 64.

The other thing I did last night was repair Thomas-the-Younger’s striped Koigu (same design as Rachel’s, shewn yesterday, only smaller and with a sort of Aran-coloured yarn for the constant stripes). It fell apart in its first wash. The odd thing is, that the same thing happened to the Baby Surprise I knit last year for a neighbour’s baby – which used that same Aran-coloured yarn as its main colour. I can’t find anything wrong with the yarn, so I have to blame faulty workmanship in both cases, but it’s an odd coincidence.

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