Saturday, March 11, 2006

Some interesting rugby, this weekend. Scotland play Ireland in Dublin today. England play France in Paris tomorrow. Both are likely to be exciting matches. “Home advantage” is worth a 16th man on the field, in rugby (perhaps in all sports). Watch this space.

The Irish, incidentally, play rugby as one nation – there’s no separate team for the North.

The knitting knews is that I finished Rachel’s striped Koigu. I started it 13 months ago. Looking back through the archives, I discover that Nephew Theo’s striped Koigu only took 11 months, and he’s a good deal larger than Rachel. But he didn’t have a collar or a neck placket or buttons. That may be the difference. [Both were Strathardle projects.]

I’m really rather pleased with it. The collar is out of the VK book and is called a “shaped collar”. Every row is K1, P1 rib, as on the toddler version. But this time, every row begins, “Rib 3, M1”. I like the effect. I hope I’ll get my act together to the extent of writing up the pattern for my website sometime soon. I’ve kept careful notes.

Maybe next week when we’re in London, I can get a picture of Rachel wearing it.

I got it finished in time to pick up the Princess – and I finished row 62. That means, I have finished page 4 of the pattern. Really exciting. I will have to put it away somewhere firmly out of sight, when I start my sister’s shawl soon. It is absolutely irresistible, otherwise.

Miscellaneous Non-Knit

Franklin says that the new character in his Blog was inspired by my feelings about sheep. I feel extravagantly flattered. While you’re there, scroll down to the previous entry, his account of the ice-skating race between Gertrude Stein and Dorothy Parker. He has out-Franklin’d Franklin, and the standard was set pretty high to begin with.

I had a thorough panic last night when I sat down to my computer and found a box in the middle of the screen saying that Norton AntiVirus had encountered an “internal program error” and I had to un-install and reinstall it. What? Was this a “phishing” message from a sinister virus, like the ones you get purportedly from your bank inviting you to send your password and other details to a bad man? And anyway, how could I reinstall it without a disk? I bought it on-line. I have recently moved up to Norton AntiVirus 2006.

All went smoothly, and I’ll know what to do next time. I’ve done a live update and a full scan and everything seems fine. But it’s a sad world when the one unstable program on one’s computer is one’s virus protection.

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