Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My husband was less well yesterday, and towards evening, slightly feverish. I decided it was time to involve the medical profession, and see if antibiotics can zap this thing. But in the night the fever subsided, and his breathing became much quieter. So we shall see. He’s still asleep, at the moment.

Here’s the promised picture of the striped Koigu’s, plus Alexander’s wife Ketki. Thomas-the-Younger is looking uncharacteristically disagreeable. (Thank you for your comment yesterday, Swapna. He’s a treasure, all right.) I was sort of glad to see that You Knit What?? is having trouble uploading photos, too, although I never really thought the difficulties were my fault

[Alas, Blogger's difficulties picture-wise continue. Zilch, this morning. I'll post the striped Koigu's above, and leave the nudibranches, referred to below, for another day.]

It was Alexander, of course, who sent the picture, having extracted it from his sister Rachel’s camera. He also sent one of Carleen (who looks after the boys) modelling the Nudibranch. And while I was pottering around just now, I found one of a real nudibranch, which Lorna must have sent me. The resemblance is uncanny, but you'll have to take my word for it until Blogger pulls itself together.

Franklin's comment yesterday was spot on – “Monarch of the Glen” is exactly what we look like, in that group photograph. Furthermore, our new stair carpet in Perthshire was supplied and fitted by the very firm that carpeted the house for the latest series of MoftheG.

My sister’s shawl has reached Scallop Ten (of 29). We’re cantering along. They are different sizes, which is mildly fun.

Tomorrow, I think, a picture of the Princess at the point where I laid it aside. For now, loquacity fails me.

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