Friday, March 24, 2006

My husband continues to mend, although not with the elasticity of a younger man. Still no exercise, and high blood sugars. I had hoped we might bound off to Strathardle next week, but I wonder. The weather, on the other hand, is still fairly nasty. If March is going to go out like a lamb, it’s time it got started. So postponement isn’t utter disaster.

An art historian is coming to lunch today. My husband should be up to that, and enjoy it. Another pair of friends are expected on Monday. Lunch is the way we prefer to interact with the world, in old age. There’s a recipe for a sort of curried shepherd’s pie in one of the current foodie magazines – I think that’ll be about right for today. I haven’t given thought yet to Monday.


Oh, MamaLu, have a wonderful time in China, and tell us all about the yarn when you get back. Watch out for KIPer’s, too. I saw quite a few.

Laurie, thanks for the tip on pics – at least for the days when Blogger consents to upload them. I’ve got HTML high on my Round Tuit list. For now, I find I can right-click on pictures, if they’re there, and drag them around the Blog entry. I came late in life to right-clicking, and am ever surprised at its capabilities.

Swapna, that’s really interesting about how Blogger will email a copy of each post to one. My current system works well – I gather up the saved posts into a single folder at the end of the month, and move them to a CD. But I will explore the other as well.

Alice, yes, I miss the Princess desperately. I’m glad my sister’s shawl is going so briskly – I ought to be able to fit in a couple of weeks, at least, of Princess-ing in the early summer, before I hunker down to the Games Entry Shrug. Here’s – or maybe, here isn’t – the current state of my sister’s shawl edging. I reached the half-way point last night. And measured it – you may remember, I was worried a couple of days ago that it would be too small. But all is well --it measures 41”, against the 46” Amedro specifies. Blocking should accomplish the rest easily.

And -- Hallelujah! -- the picture is here!

It'll be a lot more fun when I move into the body of the shawl and start knitting interesting lace patterns, still to be selected.

Janis, the problem is, we haven’t got enough lives. Have you ever read about Sheila McGregor’s love affair with (what must be) a Bohus sweater, at the beginning of her introduction to Traditional Scandanavian Knitting? I’ve wanted one ever since I read that, but have Never Had Time.

A propos nothing at all: I think I discovered yesterday that there is no such thing out there as a knitting blog in Italian. Who'd have thought it? There are lots in French and German, and a few in Scandanavian languages.

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