Tuesday, March 21, 2006


My husband is much better, thanks. Still pretty grouchy, and I think it would be a good idea to stay indoors for another day, but definitely better.

Kate, I forgot to say yesterday, that’s a good idea about adding a simple family tree to this blog. I’m working on it.

I’ve just found out that fully half the people in this happy picture – taken on Games Day, ’05 – won’t be there for the Strathardle Highland Gathering this year. A great sadness descends. Is it even worth knitting a shrug? [But, hey! Blogger uploaded the picture!]

Rachel phoned last night to say that they’ve had an email from Thomas-the-Elder in Leningrad (sent from an internet cafĂ© on the Nevsky Prospect, one must assume). All sounds well – the family he’s staying with are very nice, food is good, and they don’t speak a word of English, which is what’s wanted. Great relief all round, compared to the sadness and anxiety of last Friday evening.

Thomas-the-Elder is in the back row of the group picture, between my white-haired husband and my tall brother-in-law. Ketki is on the left, holding Thomas-the-Younger (next to a kilted Alexander, holding James). Thomas has grown in the last six months.

Lorna has a good summary of the result of the Six Nations rugby tournament, which (you may even be glad to hear) is now over. No less an authority than the Sunday Times claimed two days ago that England had finished third. I didn’t see how that could be true, and it isn’t. We did. England were fourth.


I’m up to Scallop No. 7 on my sister’s shawl edging. The difficulties multiply, of keeping my mind on what I’m doing, so I’ve set up a little system of reminders. Alice, the yarn is Heirloom Knitting's Merino Lace, which comes in a delicious range of colours. It’s heavier than their Gossamer Merino, which I’m using for the Princess.

Tamar, I read back through a couple of days of my blog-entries, and found, belatedly, your very interesting suggestion that the Aran-coloured Koigu I used as the main colour in Thomas-the-Younger’s sweater, and in the Baby Surprise for our neighbour, might be weak when wet. The main trouble with both sweaters was indeed in the seams, but Thomas also had a hole right in the middle of one of the Aran-coloured stripes, which I simply darned. Here, I hope, if Blogger has pulled itself together, is a picture of him in it, taken last week. [Nope: the new rule seems to be, one-picture-a-day. See above -- I hope.]

I knit the prototype for his brother James-the-Younger for his first birthday. He’ll be three in May. It has been worn and worn, and machine-washed, and is now somewhat faded but otherwise perfect. It will be very interesting indeed to see what happens to Thomas’s one (also a first birthday present) when it next goes into the washing machine.

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