Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another pound apparently gone, readership up, and we’re going to Kirkmichael today. A good start to August 2. We’ll probably come back on Friday – blogging should resume on Saturday. And I should have lots of pictures of grandchildren and vegetables with which to demonstrate my new skills.

Technicalities of Blogging

Why can’t I see anything in the sidebar of Franklin's blog these days? Other people can. I know because some of my readers come here from there. (I have a hidden hit-counter which Alexander wrote and installed for me. It will show referrer information if I ask it to.)

No one would suspect, Karen, to look at your blog, that you have the slightest difficulty with pictures.

I don’t think I expressed proper thanks to my commenters, especially Holly and Lorna, for bringing me to my present state of competence with picture-posting. Now I think I want what I think is called a “Zeitgeist” – one of those grids with pictures that get larger and smaller, that lots of folks have in their sidebars. It’s a Flickr feature, but it would mean tinkering with the template. I should face up to that anyway. I need an email address over there (miles dot jean at googlemail dot com), and an up-to-date list of blogs-to-read.


When I joined, a month or so ago, old Vogue Knitting Books were thick on the ground as autumn leaves. I bought some, I failed to buy others, I thought this would go on forever. But the supply has dried up; there has been nothing for weeks – I mean, there are plenty, including a good crop yesterday, but they’re all ones I’ve already got. Patience.


I’m bowling along. I’ve done Spacer Chart 1 and am half-way through the Small Paisley chart. I think maybe I can get this done in August after all.

And when we get back from the country, I should have a few rows of a plain-vanilla Malabrigo vest to show you (the time-filler until I can try the gansey – my current country knitting – on its intended wearer). I’ve got a new fashion theory to the effect that long pullovers aren’t flattering on anyone except maybe waifs. Stop at the hipbones.

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