Sunday, August 20, 2006

Games Week -- Day 1

All well here, if a bit crowded. Cathy has gone off to London to talk to her publishers. Her husband James took five children camping down by the Ardle last night. The sixth, his daughter Kirsty, is sleeping here.

I'm getting on fine with the Malabrigo vest. Division for armholes soon.


No significant bidding yet no. No. 24. It closes on Tuesday evening and I must concentrate hard on not forgetting about it amidst all the excitement.

No 34 has just appeared. I'm lacking that one, too.

And so has No. 17 (just pre-war). I've got that one, and was amused to see that the seller claims that "one of these" sold recently on eBay for £22. Hey, guys! That was me!

Kitchener stitch

Kim Salazar is indeed the name I was groping for. I'll write to her as soon as we get back to civilisation. Many thanks to commenters.

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