Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I finished the centre of the bloody shawl last night, and registered a big PB in my weight this morning. I can do anything: HTML, here I come. I will grow Brussels sprouts next year and the deer will fall back in awe.

British weight is measured in stones, as all are aware, and a stone is 14 pounds. It is a curiously easy and harmonious way to do things, when you get into the swing of it. When I bought my digital scales in the early part of May, I was about x stone 11 pounds. The preceding loss, during Lent, which started all this enthusiasm for the Healthy Life, must have been five pounds at the very least, but is undocumented.

Well, this morning I clocked in at x-1 stone, 13 ¾ pounds.

Another five or six pounds, if they can be achieved, and I will have gone down a dress size, from the one where I have lived for the last couple of decades, to the one I inhabited in earlier and more energetic years. Since my intake is a regime which I can live with, I don’t need to worry about a bounce when the “diet” is over. I do need to be careful about relaxing on cider-consumption during August with all these dear people about.

A blogger I occasionally read called The Knitting Doctor is trying to lose 50 pounds, which well exceeds my ambitions. I’ll look in from time to time to see how she’s getting on.

Helen and David are still here, returning to Strathardle this morning. We’ll follow tomorrow, for a couple of days. Next week, insh’Allah, James and his family.

So the shawl, although I have reached the interesting bit and have less than ¼ of the whole to finish, probably won’t get done in August. Who cares? Whoop-de-do.

Here it is. You'll have to disregard the way the kitchen floor pattern shows through. Someone is asleep in the dining room, where otherwise I could spread out a sheet and take a better picture.

Paisley Long Shawl

That was achieved through Flickr, after a struggle to find the right screen, by copying and pasting HTML. So multiple pictures in any old size (my sister tells me she likes the bigger ones) are now within my grasp. I told you I could do anything.

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