Monday, August 21, 2006

Games Week -- Day 2

Still no bidding on those VKB's -- two I'm after, and one choice oldie I've already got. My recent purchase had attracted lots of interest when its close was as near as this.

Yesterday's big excitement was that we were without water for several hours in the afternoon and evening. We don't know yet whether all of Kirkmichael was affected, or just those of us out the Bumpy Road. It is a serious inconvenience, with 10 people in the house. We Mileses are hardened to it, as we did a year without water recently while carrying on a dispute with our neighbour about the route the supply pipe should take through a field owned by him. It was a considerable alleviation of our sufferings yesterday to know that he was without water, too, this time, up there in his castle. had news of how teams of skilled engineers were working flat out to restore water to Cumbernauld, a suburb of Glasgow, but no mention whatsoever of the Bumpy Road.

I'm now confident that my French beans will be ready to include in my Collection of Four Vegetables entry on Saturday. They're purple, and should impress. The runner beans are trying -- but will they get there?

Not much knitting yesterday. Round and round in big yarn is very soothing, when I got to it.

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