Friday, August 25, 2006

Eve of Games Day

...and all's well. Alistair and I are going to Blairgowrie and Alyth soon, for the Big Shopping Trip.

One of the imponderables of this week has been grandson Joe's exam results (GCSE) which came out yesterday. In the worst case scenario, Rachel and most of her family would have had to stay in London to comfort Joe and re-think his future. But he has done well, and is free to go forward to the A-level course he had hoped for. He even got an A in mathematics -- emphatically not one of the subjects he wants to take further -- thanks to the coaching of his uncle Alexander. So we're in celebration mode even before the bagpipes start skirling, if that's what they do.

Another little problem yesterday was the non-arrival of the vital tags which need to be attached to each of our entries for the Home Industries Tent. Our house is through a couple of gates and down a winding driveway, and sometimes the postman doesn't bother. But Cathy straightened that one out, and we've got the tags.

James has taken his daughter Rachel camping up Glen Derby, a trek of several miles into something approaching wilderness, with lots of deer. They've had good weather for it.


No serious bidding yet on VKB 34 (which closes this evening).

I found a moment yesterday to teach Alistair to purl and to cast off. No problem.

I'm ready to divide the Malabrigo vest for front and back. Progress is slow.

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