Friday, February 09, 2007

I’m much better. I was flat out all day yesterday, cancelled the Public Appearance, determined to see a doctor today – but this morning that seems a bit White-Queen, and more seriously, there’s everything to be said for not taking antibiotics if I’m getting better without them.

It leaves, however, little to report, since I knit only a round or two on Rachel’s socks yesterday. Tamar, I was immensely encouraged to learn that someone else didn’t know whether to continue the contrast-yarn through the gussets. I should know by now that whatever one doesn’t know, someone else doesn’t know it either, but it always comes as a delightful surprise.

Laurieg, I’ve left a comment on your brilliant why-worry post. How vividly it brought back those anxious years! I might add, that the one thing worse than not having a daughter, is having one, between the ages of 12 and 30.

Back in the saddle, I hope, tomorrow.


  1. Roaring with laughter. My partner is hoping/positive that we'll have a girl - maybe I should show him your precis of daughters!

  2. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Remember I said "walking pneumonia"?
    One day you're flat on your stomach hoping to drain some of the liquid out of the lungs, the next day you're taking care of business, the day after you're flat again. I was sick for three weeks before I finally went to the doctor, at which time I was so sick they admitted it immediately instead of saying "Wait a week to see if it's just a cold." At that point, it took three courses of antibiotics to get rid of it, instead of my usual one week.

    If you're too flat to knit, you're sick enough to see the doctor.