Thursday, February 22, 2007

Odds and Ends

I got the 2nd sleeve of the Calcutta Cup ’06 sweater onto one needle last night – it’s a bit of a stretch, which doesn’t matter and will soon ease. Things should go much faster now. Pic tomorrow, insh’Allah. I’m perhaps half-way up, measured vertically.

“Knitting” (which I never got around to cancelling) and IK were waiting when we got back from the country. Nothing I’d knit in either, as usual for spring. It’s fun in IK, though, to find contributions from people whose blogs I read.

Three skeins of cashmere Koigu – destined for a Shapely Shawlette, and as the outriders for nephew Theo’s get-Barak-elected sweater – have arrived in North Dakota at the home of the kind friend who will carry them to Edinburgh next month. She reports well of them.

The programme for the ’07 Strathardle Highland Gathering Home Industries Tent still hasn’t been published, but Mary in the shop (who is on the committee) thinks that the main knitting item is going to be a children’s toy. Gloom.

I’ll have to have the Calcutta Cup sweater finished in time for Alexander to wear it on the 4th Saturday in August. That shouldn’t be difficult.

Here’s the ritual picture of my vegetable plot, as it appeared day before yesterday, with the rhubarb-forcing pot in place. It doesn’t look very promising, but some years at this season it looks as if it had gone out of cultivation altogether.


Mhairi, I love “Helen’s Lace”, in the Lorna’s Laces range, for coloured lace. In my slow-paced reconstruction of my website in its new home, I’ve got a few lace items in place: they were all done with that yarn. Not that the colour photography is very reliable. I think there are British sources for at least some of the range.

Southern Gal, I know about knitting-back-backwards, and have laboriously succeeded in doing it, but I don’t enjoy it, so I don’t persevere. Maybe if I ever get to Meg’s Camp…dream on.

Donice, what fun that sounds, to audit some Latin classes!


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Franklin did some mouse toys a while back--Two Bad Mice in fact (I checked). You could try those--if Franklin does them, they can't be all bad. He also did a very appealing bear.

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Oh, these pictures of your backyard are devastating. My windows look out on city rooftops. New York City rooftops. Picturesque in their own way, but none of that ethereal green that surrounds your garden, even in February. Sigh.

  3. Insh'Allah - my daughter, currently in Cairo, uses that all the time. In fact when we were visiting last month I found myself using it to her doorman, who politely smiled and said, "Kate, you are teaching your parents Arabic!"

  4. I've just been watching a doco on the Falkirk (sp?) Wheel; have you ever been to see this. It looks wonderful!
    Perhaps the only way to get some realistic categories of knitting and suitable judging is to get yourself on the Strathardle Gathering's Committee? I'm seriously contemplating this because in my district the entries are such a hodge-podge of blah categories, the same few number of people enter and win each year. It would be awesome if I could get a NSW Knitting Guild Member as a judge... which would mean I wouldn't be disbarred from entry!