Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tottering on; still not well. I have to make a very rare public appearance this evening. I think I’m up to it, and will streak for the door and grab a taxi home as soon as my bit is done. But I keep thinking of the time, decades ago, when I really did get pneumonia, after a week of staggering on because my contribution was absolutely essential to maintaining the spin of the earth on its axis. The experience was highly uncomfortable, and it took a good six months before I got my puff back. And I was younger then.

My doctor-sister says (rightly) that I am obsessed with pneumonia.



Thanks for help. I consulted my nephew Theo, who knows all about these things; looked at moveabletype; downloaded a trial program – which I suspect is pretty good -- from CoffeeCup; and decided to go on with “Web Express”, the program I have been using all along – and perhaps to take better advantage of its facilities. I have a book called “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Web Page”. It’s not exactly this year’s edition, but HTML hasn’t changed much.

I’ve done a bit more work, but there’s no more knitting over there yet.


Here’s the current state of Rachel’s Yarn Yard socks. I should have known to use the plain yarn for the heel flap and actual heel only – not to continue through the gusset. I’ll know next time. Meanwhile, I continue delighted with the yarn, and very interested with the effect it creates. I hope we’ll get a dark gentlemanly shade one month, and meanwhile I am earnestly planning sweaters for little boys. I think it would stripe with Rowan 4-ply soft and Louet Gems Merino.


The Winter VK turned up while we were in London. The big excitement – amongst some interesting things -- is Leigh Witchel’s sweater at No. 20. Leigh was a member of the Knitlist in its glory days. His alter ego Phyllis Stein had a lot in common with Dolores, despite not being a sheep.

I knit his Puzzlebox Aran from a long-ago Knitter’s for my brother-in-law – can’t find a pic. This new sweater has something in common with that design, in the way the patterning flows from rib to body to neckline; and must take a place on my HALFPINT list – well down, I am afraid.


  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Jean, I wonder if having had pneumonia makes one more worried about having it? Having had it myself, and knowing how awfully sick I was, I do know that I occasionally fuss when I develop something bronchial for fear of it getting worse.

    And I, too, was pleased to see Leigh's sweater in the VK -- the glory days of the knitlist seem long gone, alas.

  2. I agree, about Leigh and his sweater (I remember him from r.c.t.y., as well). I think this pattern would be wonderful on a pair of socks.

  3. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I've had pneumonia, and yes, it was "walking pneumonia". It was not fun. Take care of yourself. After all, if you already had it, they'd find a way to manage without the blessing of your presence, so you can decide and do what is best for you.

    It's funny, someone in a newsgroup just asked whether they should pick up stitches on the gusset with the plain yarn they'd used for the heel. I wonder whether she is using the same brand of yarn.