Sunday, February 25, 2007

We might as well get it out of the way first…

Scotland disgraced themselves. It was the first time in the five? years that Italy have been playing in the Six Nations championship, that they won a match away from Rome. They haven’t won all that many in Rome, either. They won yesterday, here in Edinburgh.

Then came Dublin. By that time, it was tea-time. My husband doesn’t enjoy watching rugby, and doesn’t entirely approve of it, so I didn’t see much of that match. The anthem-singing bit went off in a perfectly grown-up fashion, and then Ireland won by an even larger margin than Italy’s over Scotland. I’m happy for you, Janet.

I am sorry my remark yesterday was interpreted by some commenters to mean that I didn’t like Ireland or the Irish. I didn’t mean that at all. I love 'em. What I don’t like is nationalism (off the rugby field). I am sad when the British Isles behave like the Balkans.

That remark will no doubt get me into worse trouble. I am sure Bulgaria is a very nice place.

Lace Knitting

Many thanks for the helpful comments on that subject. I will defer without hesitation to the unanimous opinion, expressed first by Laritza (whose work I know), and stick with my present 2.25mm needle for the rest of the Princess.

But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t try a 2.5’er for a future project. I was especially glad to hear from you, koigu-courier, because my latest message to you (not important) has bounced twice. At least we can communicate this way. The trouble seems to be with googlemail – a message to Rachel in London bounced last night.

I’d love to have a look at the KnitPick lace needles when you’re here. In fact, why don’t I commission you here and now to bring me a long 2.5mm one? I followed the link you provided in yesterday’s comment, Moorecat, and was seriously impressed.

Knitting knitting

I think I may finish the second sleeve today. Then comes the fun bit.

Mostly I’m relying on Meg’s re-stating of EPS in the four issues of Knitter’s in 2000, but yesterday I had another look at The Source (Knitting Without Tears) and today I must also consult the issue of Woolgathering – I’ve used it before – where Meg treats of the subject.

I’ll have to do some arithmetic, too.

At the moment, I’m rather taken with the Norwegian Collar which I found in KWT.


  1. The Irish game was wonderful! We all (the whole pub) gave up on Scotland in disgust....

    For your toy, had you considered a teddy bear. Franklin inspired me to start one, and I've just managed to finish it!

  2. I have the knitpicks needles and love them. Also, every review I have read is wonderful. You can't go wrong with them!

  3. Anonymous1:49 AM

    I've been using the Knitpicks needles happily for several months. They are heavier, but I don't knit enough in one sitting to be affected, as far as I've noticed. The join is good and I've needed the point a few times. Worth trying.

    I always enjoy your blog, especially the knitting and the garden updates. But I'm definitely the lurker type.