Monday, February 12, 2007

I’ve rounded the heel of The Yarn Yard sock, and since I have a doctor’s appt this afternoon (thanks to you, Tamar), which will probably involve some waiting, I should polish the whole thing off pretty promptly.

I reflected last night that the Calcutta Cup ’06 sweater is at a particularly vulnerable stage at the moment – vulnerable to slipping down the slope to UFO status. I mustn’t let that happen – better times are ahead. At the moment, I’m a few inches into the second sleeve. Rounds are quickly finished and then its time to change the bloody colours yet again. It’s on two circulars and they keep flopping about. It's awfully easy to knit something else instead.

Pretty soon the sleeve will acquire a more substantial circumference, and be do-able on one circular needle. And not too long after that, the whole thing will be joined on one needle and it all gets really fun. So – forward!

Loose ends

Lorna, despite my silence, I haven’t overlooked the meme you tagged me with (I hope I’ve got the technical language right). It’s not at all easy to think of five things about myself which (a) can’t be readily deduced from the blog and (b) I am willing to publish; but I think I’m getting close.

Nor does my silence on the subject of cashmere Koigu mean that I have stopped thinking about it. Rummaging about among my patterns, I discover the once-famous Shapely Shawlette by Judy Pascale. I must have bought it when I took a class with her at Stitches East ’02. It’s actually written for Koigu, and I suspect that’s the way to go.

I knit a striped Koigu for my nephew Theo a couple of years ago. He seems pleased with it; I’d prefer a bit more ease. (I thought the sweater Mr Cameron was wearing for his television appearances yesterday was just about perfect for colour, style, fit and ease.) He – Theo, not Mr Cameron -- has himself put forward the idea of a cashmere Koigu sweater. It would take some thinking about, but it’s certainly a delicious thought.

Cashmere Koigu seems to have exactly the same yardage per gram as wool; that’s an encouraging start. Does it droop? I’ve never knit a cashmere sweater. I knit an alpaca one once, for myself, and after no more than three wearings, it was knee-length. There must be some discussion of this subject, amongst all my books


  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Jean, I recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. Had to comment today because yesterday I started a Shapely Shawlette. I've had the pattern for several years too, bought it during the heavy buzz about the pattern. I'm using a handpainted merino that is fairly comparable to Koigu. I went down 3 needle sizes from the suggested size to get a fabric I like, but I often have to do so.

  2. when you buy cashmere sweaters they don't droop. the greatest threat is gourmet moths which happened to my cashmere sweaters. and i am surprised about alpaca's bad reputation. did lots of alpaca sweaters many years ago, and they stayed in shape. maybe something has happened to alpaca. i think it cost the same in danish kroner in 1972 as it does today.

  3. You said: It’s not at all easy to think of five things about myself which (a) can’t be readily deduced from the blog

    Unless I'm badly mistaken about who you are, I believe that the fact that you have knitted a scarf that was worn by the Dalai Lama is not deduceable from your blog.