Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another death. It’s been a bad year. This time there wasn’t much in the way of dear-ness involved, at least on my part; and she was very old and had sadly outlived herself, so there is little to lament. But I had known her for more than 50 years, my husband for longer, and she is gone. There is to be no funeral; that’s a blessing.

So, knitting

I discovered, looking up the subject of attached i-cord, that you can cast off in i-cord. Obviously you can, when one gives the subject a moment’s thought. I am not strong on that. So I cast off the Earth Stripe Stole that way, and am well down the first long side. It looks fine, and although tedious, is a lot less tedious than the crochet recommended by the pattern.

The disappointment is that I haven’t been able to incorporate the many loose ends – or the knots arising therefrom – inside the cord, as I had vaguely hoped. My hope now is that when the i-cord is done, I can make tidy knots and run the ends inside the cord with a needle. Slow work. The pattern doesn’t mention this painful subject at all.

Theresa, I mean to take your advice about pinning it out and spritzing. I don’t have a spritzer but I think I can improvise, and I now think it’ll need something.

There should still be plenty of time – even allowing for the writing of Christmas cards, which must start soon – to knit Jared's Koolhaus hat in Koigu cashmere to go with the Shawlette as somebody’s Christmas present. Knitting Software has come up with a hat program: I had an email from them just this morning. I’ll have to alter Jared’s pattern for a different yarn size; the program is cheap; I use Knitting Software a lot for sweaters, and like it a lot. So I’m tempted.

Speaking of Christmas, my calendars have arrived from Kodak. My husband says they are “surprisingly successful”. High praise.

The sun shone yesterday – that doesn’t happen often this time of year, and helps November along no end when it does. I took this picture of the Linked Ribs. I have borrowed two of its six needles for i-cording, so it is not going to advance for a while.


"King of Comedy" is on BBC television tonight. I'd rank it very high among my all-time favourite movies. I think it is perhaps enhanced for me by the fact that I was the only person in the entire United States in 1949 who didn't think Jerry Lewis was funny. Or so it seemed.

But don't worry: "King of Comedy" is 1983, Scorcese and de Niro -- and Jerry Lewis.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    For spritzing Boots sell little spray bottles among the spongebags and holiday gear. I keep one with the iron for when I want to dampen linen for ironing.
    I used to use a garden "misting" spray bottle, which was much larger and worked well until I left it too close to the iron and melted a hole in it - just couldn't seem to get up the pressure after that. Can't hink why!

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Rest assured Jean, you weren't the only soul in America that didn't/doesn't think that Jerry Lewis is funny. Didn't think that 'Uncle Milty' was funny either. And the cheese stands alone!

  3. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I am not a lover of slapstick either but a witty retort can keep me chuckling for a week. Glad you i-corded the wrap. I think that crotcheting and knitting don't "go" together well.
    Ron in Mexico

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Koolhaas is a very entertaining knit. I have about six decrease rows to go before I have finished. There is cabling on every other row so attention must be paid. I couldn't find my size 8 dpn's, so I knit mine on US 7 and US9 needles.

  5. i think attached icord is so lovely. i have used it for the tomten jackets lately. and the shawl looks fab. weaving in ends usually ends up being less boring than one would expect.
    happy knitting.
    yay for scorcese. love his love of blues.

  6. I'm sorry about the woman who passed away. I was sad to read she "was very old and had sadly outlived herself".

  7. Anonymous3:13 AM

    I am another who doesn't find Jerry Lewis funny! Jean, I love the linked rib scarf. That was the impetus for my order from Amazon on Wednesday.

  8. I can't imagine doing all that i-cord so let us know if you go crazy!

    I gave in and ordered all the Kidsilk Haze I didn't have -- I just didn't care for the the mohair blend I was trying to use to substitute. But I did get enough done to look at the edges and think "and what will I do with that in the end" -- I'm thinking of a "side fringe." Who knows ... but it will be a few weeks before the Kidsilk all arrives. And after looking at all my WIPs on Ravelry I decided I'd better finish up some stuff anyway! Maryjo