Sunday, November 18, 2007

A couple more links were added to the Linked Rib yesterday – it’s a very satisfactory thing to grab and add half-a-repeat to as one passes through the room ostensibly on one's way to do something else – whereas the Earth Stripe, with all that ethereality, takes a certain amount of settling-down-to and figuring-out-where-one-is.

But it wasn’t neglected. I figure if I can add three inches a day, I can finish knitting the basic rectangle this week. I think I achieved that much yesterday, but I’m not going to measure this morning because…

…today is Sunday, and that means cider-drinking and Theo’s cashmere gansey. I could conceivably finish the ribbing today– and then it will be time to knit in his initials, and I’m not quite ready. There’s no difficulty. Brown-Reinsel has done all the work; all I have to do is copy the needed letters into some squares on a chart I’ve already started. But I begrudge even that amount of pencil-and-paper when it cuts into knitting time. I’ve already done the one thing that required some slight effort, namely devising a lower-case “e” in seed stitch, necessary for rendering “LeCompte”.

I’ve forgotten what the connection is meant to be between this sweater and getting Barak Obama elected, but I’m sure that Iowa needs me. I am disconcerted, however, that both real-life friends and cyber-ones whose opinions I respect, notably Joe and Mar, don’t share my enthusiasm for the man. I think he could really heal and unite. I haven’t felt so keen since Kennedy.


No fewer than eight wartime Vogue Knitting Books are coming up on eBay next week. Not many months ago, when I first discovered eBay, I would have been prostrate with excitement at such a prospect, totally unable to breathe. And worried about the expense, with Christmas coming. By now, I’ve got all of them except one, and can approach the eventful evening in a state of some calm. The seller is offering some wartime Stitchcrafts, too – rest in peace, whoever’s was the treasure-trove now up for grabs.


  1. I LIKE that scarf, especially in the Noro. It looks like a knitted chain from this angle. My son would like it.

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Our access to presidential candidates is so filtered it's hard to have a sensible opinion. Some of the blogs say that Barack is very exciting in person and the other candidates much less so. I still have hopes.
    The sweater was started when I sent you or posted the now famous Theo-Barack picture. It will, at any rate, be a nice sweater. How is the blue doing?

  3. Au contraire. I have the greatest respect for Obama. However, he lacks experience. That said, a lack of experience may not be the worst thing in the world. We shall see. I like Joe Biden very much, more perhaps than Barack. A write-in vote is always a viable option. I have no love for Hillary and her machine.

    Frankly, I'm waiting to see if Gore pokes his head up. I rather doubt it, since he's smart enough to know that he's made his mark historically. After all, he did win the election and a Nobel prize. More than the Idiot-in-Chief could ever hope for.