Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Strathardle today. Blogging should resume on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Severe winds are forecast -- fun, until we lose electricity.

Strenuous exercise outdoors in the natural light does much to relieve seasonal gloom. I’d like to think I’ll be spending the time spreading manure on my dear vegetable patch, but the big job this time of year is clearing leaves out of the ditch that runs beside our driveway. It floods if we don’t. It’s my husband’s job, but he’s getting seriously worried about whether his strength will suffice, and I think I’d better help.

Do read Knitterguy's sad essay on the theme, why knit?

I got Ravelry up-to-date yesterday – sorry to see that quite a few of the pictures of my stash are “currently unavailable”. I trust they’ll reappear A fair amount of work went in to assembling that lot, and it is potentially useful to be able to be able to remind myself of what is lurking in the darkest corners without actually having to rummage there. Meanwhile, it’s delicious to be free to wander about looking to see what my friends are doing, and what other people’s Earth Stripe stoles look like.

And I proceeded happily yesterday with the ribbing on the new gansey. There’s no sign yet of the slight irregularities in the dye which are meant to relieve the baby-blue-ness.


Neither POK nor Montse Stanley seem to have anything about mending holes in knitting with what look like actual knit stitches, but I found it in Mary Thomas' Knitting Book, as did Vivienne. I wouldn't like to try to describe it, Meg, never having made the attempt. Essentially you set up vertical threads, two per stitch, as if to darn, and then do some clever things across them with yarn threaded into a needle. Any decent library should eventually cough up the book.

Earth Stripe is just endless stocking stitch.

My grandson Archie sent me this picture yesterday, which should cheer us all up. It’s called “creek” and was otherwise unidentified. My guess is Mt. Pelion. Archie says it’s cold in Greece.


  1. Is your Flickr account a pro one? If not, only your most recent ~200 pictures will be visible, and you may only upload so many per month, I think. The others haven't disappeared, they're just not accessible, and you get that 'currently unavailable' notice. A pro account is ~ $25 US, so not too much, and it allows unlimited uploads.
    Worth checking!

  2. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Here is a website that illustrates mending/darning a hole in knitting.

  3. Anonymous3:11 PM

    That should be .html at the end

  4. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Why is it sad?

  5. Dear Jean,

    Bad news re Yarn magazine...


  6. Anonymous5:10 PM

    The photo you show is one of those bundled in with the sample photos in my new home edition of Vista. It is entitled creek and I have no idea where it is, has Archie identified it?