Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Earth Stripe is 55” long – how did that happen? Another couple of evenings should see it done. See Phase One done.

I added some more links to the Linked Rib yesterday, too. I am now much less sanguine about the question of whether I have enough yarn – I think that initial odd-ball must have been almost intact, and the length it contributed won’t do at all as 1/3rd of the total. However, I also don’t think dye-lot is going to matter in a project like this: as long as I can match the color-way. It continues to be enormous fun.

The designer was trying to copy in knitting the 90 degree twist of the famous Infinity Tower in Dubai. The scarf in which she claims to have succeeded, the Tricorner, has been badly served by the photographer – it looks like plain old st st with some garter stitch bands, and I’m sure there’s more to it than that. Maybe I’ll try it next.

And there is also Twisted, a failed Infinity Tower attempt, she says. I’m not sure whether Linked Rib is another failure, or an extension of the idea once she’d got it right.

(This is “Knitting New Scarves” by Lynne Barr I’m still talking about. Get it, if you have any interest in scarves at all.)

Maureen in Tacoma Park, you asked about hot-water bottles covers a few days ago. I think I started from something in a magazine. But I also think I remember that the end-product was mostly mine.

I found this one and that one (free patterns) through Ravelry, of which I much prefer the latter, especially for that neat row of buttonholes at the bottom.


Inexperience doesn’t worry me in Obama (although Hillary is trying to instil such anxiety). Kennedy was a junior senator. And Clinton – remember him? – made an absolute hash of his first months. He was going to “hit the ground running” and all he did was hit the ground. Important government posts were unfilled for months. He got the hang of it eventually.

I am much more concerned about what you said yesterday, Mel. It doesn’t fit with Obama as he has been presented to me, a man who asks questions and listens to the answers and thinks about them. I’ll do a bit of clicking on the subject, but it sounds bad.

It is possible (although not easy) for me to cast an absentee vote from here. I did it last time. I'm not going to bother if Hillary is the candidate.


  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    The sweater does seem to be working--Obama has pulled ahead in Iowa for the first time! I hadn't heard before about even a hint of anti-gayness; will have to look at that. Doonesbury, who is usually very accurate on such things, says that the nasty gossip is that he is a Muslim, which is reasonably funny.

  2. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Jean, I'm disturbed by your last sentence. The power of the people is the vote of each one.

    I have lived outside of USA for most of my adult life (I'm 75) and I always voted even when I didn't want any of the candidates on my conscience. I simply wrote in the name of someone I wished could be president..couple of times it was Bobby Kennedy... once it was Gandhi...

    The important thing was that my vote was counted ... and counts.
    Please re-consider your decision... Elizabeth now reading (again) Helen Luke's "Old Age" ... pure gift!

  3. Anonymous5:10 PM


    Many thanks for passing along the two patterns for bottle covers. I'm liking the latter one as well and planning a dive into my bins for something suitable.

  4. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Sister Helen, I heard the Muslim rumor long ago, and have been doing my part to counteract it locally. (Most effective tactic thus far was reassuring my Mum that this was not the case, as she knows and talks to everyone.)

    Mel, I've not heard even a whiff of anti-gay accusation before, and a good friend of mine (an Illinois resident and Obama supporter) keeps very up to date on those matters, it being both her job and a subject of great personal interest. I, too, will have to look at it all a bit more.

  5. Nice to know there is hope for the end of your Earth Stripes wrap as I just got my Rowan magazine with the pattern in it. What a lovely "book" to look at!
    I won't be able to think about it though until after tomorrow when we eat like we've never eaten before on Thanksgiving ... and I may even have have 1/2 the Kidsilk Haze on hand. I'm glad I sprung for the book as I know "see" how the color striping was done -- by combining different colors in the double stranding. Maryjo