Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bits of This and That

I had a good evening with the Earth Stripe. The plan is not to measure this morning, and to press on regardless this evening, and hope to find tomorrow that I have exceeded the specified length by a couple of inches.

If so, Friday can be a Gansey Day – notice my sister’s comment of yesterday: it seems to be working. I got the initials charted this morning, as planned.

On the other hand, I’m now pretty certain that I don’t have enough Silk Garden for a five-foot scarf – and shade 34 seems to have disappeared from the universe. I am sort of surprised that Ravelry doesn’t have a bulletin board for yarn-appeals. They were a constant theme on the old Knitlist, and very often successful. I’ll just have to knit a short scarf. And be more careful next time.


I must look at Doonesbury.

I’ve wandered around the Internet a bit on the subject of Donnie McClurkin (not, so far, the other performers mentioned). It’s not entirely easy to find a straight story, but it sounds to me as if the purpose of the concerts was to endear Obama to the black community, among whom, I gather, he scores rather low. And it also sounds as if McClurkin, who has clearly had a hard life, has lots of things to say of which his view on sexual orientation is only one.

A politician has got to travel supplied with a long spoon, for supping purposes. Even in one’s own modest private life, one has friends with views one ardently dislikes. I have a dear friend who is not sure that capital punishment is wrong, and my son James even used to defend G.W. Bush (that was before Iraq). On the other hand, a politician has also got to be alert to the question of who he is supping with. Whom.

Countrymouse, I was glad to hear you say that you’d never heard of Obama in an anti-gay context. On the other hand -- there seem to be lots of other hands involved this morning -- if you google on “Barack Obama and Donnie McClurkin” you’ll find plenty of blogs and websites which share Mel's anger.

Back to my knitting…


  1. there is an ISO board on ravelry. i suppose that means yarn appeal. the delightful jannette of jannette's rare yarns on ebay could also be an opportunity. she can sometimes provide one with rarities and answers promptly with best hugs. very nice to do business with.

  2. ISO = "in search of" on Ravelry. I think there are a couple of boards, one mainly for the USA and an international one.

  3. You can also search others' stash to find yarn that people want to swap or trade. It looks like they put the "will trade or sell" stash up front.

  4. aiee. I meant to say 'sell or trade.' More coffee, please.

  5. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Jean, I am sorry to say that I believe our country is still too backward. There are lots here who will support a clearly unqualified white male over a black man or a woman of any race. I am afraid Hillary is being used to just that purpose. I am still firmly in the Richardson camp. It's lonely, but I can't see how any progressive minded person can do a bit of research and not come to think he's the man for the job.
    My dream is a Richardson/Obama ticket

  6. I'm with you carlarey. I don't think I'll have an opportunity to vote Richardson though -- I'm in Michigan and there is some question about whether we will have a primary, and, if so, who will be on the ticket.

  7. With regards to your previous posts's return comment, we're hitting the polls in 2 days time (thank God w'e're in the media black out period now - no more irritating commercials). If Australia sticks to the 'must have experience' ploy, we're stuck with Howard yet again. I think I'll immigrate if that happens...

    Have been watching/listening to the Obama critics in the news over here. According to the crits/defenders, it seems the man must either be saint or satan and nothing in between. Annoying, no? Good luck with your preferred ticket. It's really irritating not having someone to vote for who you can have a modicum of confidence in!