Friday, January 18, 2008

Beverley, I love being asked questions I can actually answer. Vogue Knitting Book No. 47 would be autumn, 1955. I am particularly fond of the ones of that era, because that’s when I was taking up knitting seriously, after a four-year hiatus while I was at college in Ohio. Things have been very quiet on the VKB front on eBay lately, but since I need only five, now, to complete my set, I guess that's inevitable.

I forgot to mention that we have received the Old Kirkmichael postcard we recently bought on eBay. The subject is, indeed, the mill: you can just see the wheel on the far side. We know where it stood, slightly upstream from us and on the far side. I think I'm right in saying that not a stone remains. We had never seen a picture of it before. A choice postcard indeed. Postcard-makers 100 years ago were far more enterprising than they are now.

Angel, thank you for the political comment, which fits nicely, but in more detail, with what we’re being told here. It sounds from this morning’s Telegraph as if Latinos are likely to stay with Clinton. Nevada will be very interesting.

Your blog: children’s sleeves, and especially babies’ sleeves, are better short. A lot of patterns make them too long. Children, and especially babies, are no good at rolling their sleeves up, and I suspect their arms are shorter in proportion to their bodies than adult arms.

I never understood, until you told me, what “refried beans” were. Thanks for the recipes. January and beans certainly go well together. Mel has been cooking up some delicious-sounding ones lately, 7th and 11th January.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

…there’s not much to report. I still haven't taken any pics of the new Araucania yarn. Here’s the current state of the gansey – about two inches to go to the underarm. I seem to have done the gusset calculations right: that doesn’t always happen. I like the look of reversed st st for the gusset a lot, and will always do that in future when gussets are needed.

If all goes according to schedule, our television set will be repaired today. I suppose I had better plug the aerial back in before the man comes, to make sure that it hasn’t pulled itself together of its own accord.


  1. i think the sweater and the gusset looks so magnificent. about babies' and children's sleeves i understand your point of view which is contrary to that of ez whose sleeve ideas i subscribe to now. i have found her idea about making the sleeves very long a good one and have made really long elastic ribbed cuffs on my sweaters for children which means that they have been able to use them for more months (oh my god). but it really depends on which kind of cuff and how old the children are.

  2. I agree about long sleeves, knititch. I like long ribbed sleeves that grow with the kid.

    OTH, one can always pick up some sts and add length to the sleeves!

  3. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Absolutely right!! January and beans DO go together .. comfort food par excellence!! Thank you for the link to Mel's blog .. mmmmm...
    I don't know if you have heard of Slow Food ..

    It began in Italy ... where else?

    Theo's gansey is great! I am encouraged to begin an ADULT one.
    peace, Elizabeth