Sunday, January 20, 2008


So I fear that’s it: we’re to have the same old same old, after all. I shall cling to faint hopes until Tuesday the 5th, though, and knit bravely on.

And knitting

A dry, bright day yesterday, and I took some pictures at last of Wednesday’s purchases at the HK closing-down sale. I offer you both Outdoors and Indoors. The brown-y one is for a child’s sweater, the pink-y one I hope for me.

Helen brought me this recently, as a first-foot present, and it promises to be very useful:

In the sweater section, it gives not only finished-chest-measurement but a suggestion for what age of child might fit each. Three skeins of the brown-y Araucania – that’s what I’ve got – will be plenty for a school-aged child. I have five of the pink-y ones (that’s all there was), and that’s going to run it close, for an adult sweater.

The Sweater Wizard gives yardages, too, and I can play around with that a bit. And there are smaller adults than myself in the close family.

On actual knitting, I did separate the gansey front and back, and am now racing towards the back shoulders. My current decision is, after all, to shape the neck and not have a shoulder strap.
And when the gansey is finished, I must put in a couple of months on the Princess. Kathy has finished hers, and Missalicefaye is speeding forward. My ambition for ’08 is to finish the body and at least make a start on the top edging.


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Actually, that's not it (Nevada); Theo's away but I'll try to blog (give me an hour or two) in his place. Obama did respectably, got one more delegate than she did.

  2. I'm sorry for your disappointment in Nevada, but sister helen seems to think you have some hope yet. I don't understand Senator Obama's appeal; I think he lacks experience and maturity in some crucial areas, but will vote for the Democratic nominee in November.

  3. Anonymous12:02 AM

    The pink yarn is lovely Jean- very soft looking color-wise.

    And thanks for the comments on the baby sweater. Having no children myself, and no younger siblings when I was little, I have a very small inkling of how little children are proportioned. I still have to sew it up- luckily the little girl that it is for is due in May, so I can procrastinate a bit more on it.

    I have to say-- I think the primary process is far from over. My sense is it will be a long dogfight among the democrats (and republicans too actually) and that it will be an interesting one. So we shall see what happens.

  4. I'm working on a baby cardigan at the moment and am frustrated at the size recommendations. The smallest size blandly states "55cm chest" and I've no idea when Til will be that size! Does your guide have any wisdom or can you remember when you're grand daughters were 21.5" around their chests?